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NEW Song! Jenna Mammina Lotus Blossom from Close Your Eyes.
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Lotus Blossom (3:39)
Valerie Joyce & Michael Wolff Silent Sky from For Heaven's Sake.
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Silent Sky (4:17)
Jenny Maybe & Nick Phillips Interstellar from Haiku.
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Interstellar (5:18)

Quad DSD

Quad DSD or DSD256 has a sampling frequency of 11.2MHz or 256 times the sampling rate of a CD. Not all DACs are compatible with Quad DSD.

Meghan Andrews Johnny Colorado from Blue Coast Special Event 43.

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Johnny Colorado (2:29)

Surround DSD

The above files are all 2 Channel Stereo, below is a 6 Channel Interleaved Surround DSF file. We recommend testing your system with this file to see if it's ready for surround DSD playback.

Rob Ickes & Tony Furtado Darcy Farrow - from The Blue Coast Collection Surround.
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Darcy Farrow (3:13)