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  • Joshua Lowe & the Juncos | At the Feet of Old Bristlecone

    The Juncos is a tight knit trio of acoustic charged roots music. Americana in the truest sense, The Juncos mix together a slew of styles ranging from folk, alt-country, jugband, bluegrass, and old-timey. Joshua Lowe (lead singer and songwriter) writes songs with one foot in the American roots past with songs about down and out drunkards, sick of love ramblers, and snow bound ghosts.

    This session was recorded live in the studio directly to 2" analog tape without the use of headphones (except for a few overdubs).

  • Marky Lekas | Selfie

    Marky Lekas delivers a raw, natural and passionate feel to his songs. He'll remind you of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Garett Brennan in his story telling song writing. Marky is thoughtful and provoking, sometimes dark and gut wrenching.

    Marky came to Blue Coast Studios to work with us recording directly to DSD. He brought a great collection of guitars to the session. It was a pleasure to record his label.

    Produced by Cookie Marenco and recorded in E.S.E. direct to DSD.

  • Vijay Iyer | Solo

    Vijay Iyer won the coveted MacArthur Award a few years back and was named MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR at the 2010 Jazz Journalists Association Annual Jazz Awards. This album titled Solo, was his first solo piano album.

    It was recorded at Blue Coast Studios direct to DSD by Cookie Marenco.

    Produced by Cookie Marenco and recorded in E.S.E. direct to DSD.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Mahler No. 3 & Kindertotenlieder

    When Mahler visited Sibelius in 1907, the two composers talked about “the essence of symphony.” Mahler rejected his colleague’s creed of severity, style, and logic, saying that “a symphony must be like the world. It must embrace everything.” Twelve years earlier, at work on the Third, he had remarked that to “call it a symphony is really incorrect as it does not follow the usual form. The term ‘symphony’—to me, this means creating a world with all the technical means available.”

  • San Francisco Symphony | Mahler No. 4

    Many a love affair with Mahler has begun with the sunlit Fourth Symphony. Mahler thought of it as a work whose transparency, relative brevity, and nonaggressive stance might win him new friends. Except for the finale, which he composed earlier, he wrote the symphony between June 1899 and April 1901, leading the first performance in November 1901 with the Kaim Orchestra of Munich. It enraged its first hearers.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Mahler No. 5

    1901, Mahler was acutely conscious of taking a new path. After a run of eccentric symphonies, he came back to a more “normal” design, one that could be described as concentric as well as symmetrical. The Second, Third, and Fourth symphonies had included singing, but the Fifth is an instrumental conception. The music is also leaner and harder. When he began work on the Fifth Symphony, Mahler had acquired the complete edition of Bach, and his excited discovery of what was in those volumes led him to create more polyphonic textures in his own music. But this new “intensified polyphony,” as Bruno Walter called it, demanded a new orchestral style, and that did not come easily. Mahler conducted the premiere of the Fifth Symphony with the Gürzenich Orchestra in Cologne on October 18, 1904, but he made alterations until at least 1907 (his final version, which is what you hear in this recording, was published for the first time in 1964 by the International Gustav Mahler Society, Vienna).

  • Quartet San Francisco | Látigo

    Though Quartet San Francisco has regularly performed a wide range of material—Beethoven to Brubeck, Mozart to Mingus—Jeremy Cohen cultivates a special long-standing devotion to tango. For two years he played with the theatrical revue Forever Tango during its oft-extended San Francisco run (1995-1997). In 2004, Quartet San Francisco was among 30 competitors participating in the New York City International Tango Competition, sponsored by the Argentine Consulate. The quartet won both the Special Prize and the Grand Prize, which awarded them five performances in Buenos Aires and New York in the 2004-2005 season.

    Látigo takes its title (Spanish for “whip”) from the term describing a performance technique used in tango—a quick slide or glissando of a left-hand finger on a stringed instrument for the purpose of simulating the sound of a whip.

    GRAMMY Awards (2007) for Látigo:

    Nomination, Best Classical Crossover Album

    Nomination, Best Engineered Album, Classical

  • Quartet San Francisco | QSF Plays Brubeck

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of Time Out, QSF pays tribute to the mastery of Brubeck with the first-ever all Brubeck string quartet CD!

    Among the most intriguing tracks are the tense, train-like interpretation of The Golden Horn (premiered by Brubeck on Jazz Impressions of Eurasia) and the mournful Bluette. The band masters the challenging Blue Rondo a la Turk and a wonderful, offbeat arrangement of Paul Desmond's Take Five that suggests a country hoedown at times.

    GRAMMY Awards (2009) for QSF Plays Brubeck:

    Nomination, Best Classical Crossover Album

    Nomination, Best Engineered Album, Classical

  • Quartet San Francisco | Pacific Premieres: New Works by California Composers

    Pacific Premieres features two swinging new suites by acclaimed jazz big band leader, composer, and arranger Gordon Goodwin, a breathtaking three-movement string quartet by conductor, arranger, and composer Vince Mendoza, a gorgeous new work by legendary Hollywood composer Patrick Williams, and a brilliant piece by Jeremy Cohen that concludes in a dazzling blaze. It’s a performance that leaves no doubt that QSF has forged new ground for jazz string players.

    56th GRAMMY Awards (2014) for Pacific Premieres:

    Nomination, Best Instrumental Composition, Gordon Goodwin

    Nomination, Best Instrumental Composition, Vince Mendoza

  • Julian Lage | Arclight

    If you're a fan of contemporary jazz with an electric guitar, you'll want to hear our newest release from Mack Ave Records featuring Julian Lage. The music is wonderfully eclectic with influences from his studies of North Indian Classical music at the Ali Akbar College of Music and being classically trained at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. You'll hear bits of John McLaughlin and Bill Frisell in his playing. A child prodigy, Julian was the subject of a 1997 documentary and at 13 he performed at the Grammy Awards.

    Julian is accompanied by Scott Colley on bass and Kenny Wollensen on drums. The album was recorded at 9624 WAV and has been converted to DSD and FLAC for your convenience.

  • Cyrille Aimée | It's A Good Day

    Cyrille Aimée grew up in the French town of Samois-sur-Seine. She won the Montreux Jazz Festival Competition in 2007, was a finalist in the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition in 2010, and won the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition in 2012. Steven Holden, of the New York Times, descirbes her music as a cross between Michael Jackson and Sarah Vaughn. Both fans and reviewers describe her sound as instantly recognizable soft, sweet girlish tone with a touch of Edith Piaf-like quaver.

    The album was recorded in 88.2kHz PCM for Mack Ave Records. We have converted to other formats of DSD, WAV and FLAC for your convenience.

  • Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan | Duets

    Two greats of jazz guitar playing - Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan - have come together to record this unique album of original compositions and interesting covers of familiar songs. "Summertime" takes on a new twist in a soft ballad manner. "Blue In Green" (the Miles Davis / Bill Evans song from Kind of Blue) is a bluesy version with piano and electric guitar. Definitely a late night album.

    You might remember Kevin as the Musical Director of the Tonight Show band with Jay Leno. Kevin recorded for GRP and Blue Note Records and played with Art Blakey, Roy Haynes and Sam Rivers to name a few.

    The album was recorded in 176.4 PCM for Mack Ave Records. We have converted to other formats of DSD, WAV and FLAC for your convenience.

  • Derek Jones | Dusk til' Dawn

    Cirque du soleil music director and bass player Derek Jones is back with his all-star cast of musical friends for the second installment of a sonic adventure that will take you from Dusk 'til Dawn.

    Jenna Mammina's intimate vocals will send goosebumps on the cover of the late Prince's "Kiss" and Paul Hansons's agile bassoon wows on "Besame Mucho."

    Dusk til' Dawn was recorded and mixed to DSD256 at Blue Coast Studios.

  • Meghan Andrews | Just Let Go

    Meghan Andrews... exquisite voice, poetic lyrics, incredible harmonies, masterful acoustic guitar playing... We can't say enough great things about Meghan. Her partner in music, Marco Ferrero is not only a force accompanying her on the bass, but cheerleader for trying out new areas of music to explore... like bringing producer, Cookie Marenco, in to collaborate.

    Earlier this year, Marenco made the suggestion to release the live performances with Meghan and Marco on Special Event 43. We couldn't wait to bring you examples of these incredible live performances while we worked on the more complicated arrangements.

    Today we bring you 3 songs fans will recognize from Special Event 43 now treated with additional vocal harmonies, percussion, violin and special effects transforming a song like "Venus Rising" into an exploration of sonic effects transporting you into a dream.

    The album was recorded to DSD256 and 2" tape then mixed to DSD256 at Blue Coast Studios.

  • Derek Jones | Run With Me

    We can't say enough great things about this album. Call it "jazz" call it "contemporary" call it an album from an extraordinary bass player... which is what it is. Recorded and produced by Blue Coast founder, Cookie Marenco, the album is genius in its subtly and tone.

    For more than 12 years, Derek has played in KA -- a Cirque du Soleil piece running nightly in Las Vegas. KA requires intuition, ability and high improvisational skills to get this coveted position. The album was recorded live in the studio with no headphones which requires the top musicianship.

    From the Beach Boys ("You Still Believe in Me") to David Sylvian ("Riverman") to Paul Simon ("50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" mashed up with Kool & The Gang's "Get Down On It") to traditional classics like "The Nearness of You" and "You Were Always On My Mind" arranged in ways you've never heard before.

    Derek Jones is the bass player of his generation. Recorded to DSD 256 and 2" tape by Cookie Marenco and mixed to DSD 256.

  • Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips | Haiku

    Recorded Live to DSD256 without headphones or overdubs -- it's LIVE IN THE STUDIO!

    Nick Phillips and Jenny Maybee have captured what it might have been like to have Miles Davis record with Joni Mitchell on this mesmerizing jazz album: Haiku. This collection of original compositions and imaginative arrangements of standards is brought to life with inspired, risk taking. Recorded direct to DSD256 and miixed through an analog console by Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast.

  • Jenner Fox | Jenner Fox

    Jenner Fox represents the new generation of Indie Folk Americana musicians -- acoustic in nature, thoughtful lyrics and intricate harmonies.

    We've added the drums, bass, piano and other parts to complete Jenner's vision for his band album. Recorded direct to DSD64, analog 2" tape and mixed to DSD128.

    The song, Francine, is delicate and powerful. Definitely our favorite song on the album. His father, Peter Fox, is also a Blue Coast artist.

  • Christie Winn | C'est Magnifique

    Christie Winn's interpretation of the standard repertory proves, once again, that a great voice and a great song is one of life's smoothest pleasures. And C'est Magnifique is as smooth as it gets. Joe Kyle's rich acoustic bass and Winn's own elegantly sparse piano provide the perfect harmonic underpinning for precise vocalizations that, nevertheless, ease their way into the material's emotional core. Tailor-made for fans of Barbara Streisand's Love Is the Answer quartet recordings with Diana Krall, this album feels up close and personal, as if Winn and Kyle are performing especially for you and the one you love.

    The album was recorded to 2" tape without overdubs or headphones and mixed to DSD through an analog board. Cookie Marenco producing and engineering.

  • Mary Fineman | Solo Piano

    Mary Fineman’s Solo Piano brings a classical romantic influence so far missing from our spotlight, reminiscent of Franz Schubert or Erik Satie. The album’s mood ebbs and flows along with songs like the melancholy “I Thought I Saw You” or the affectionate “Guessing Game”. Notable tracks such as the swinging rhythmic “Polar Bear” and arabesque-like “Love Song” serve to highlight Mary’s technical proficiency and versatility.

    Mary’s notable “And The World Spins ‘Round, ‘Round” is an original piano rendition of a piece later rewritten for orchestra, opening with a simple chorale that blossoms into a passionate and bittersweet theme. This album, stripped from the musical influence of voice or strings, lays bare a fundamental power Mary possesses to compose memorable melodies and immersive atmospheres.

    The album was recorded to DSD and mixed to DSD by Cookie Marenco

  • Fiona Joy | Into The Mist

    Into the Mist is Fiona Joy's 2nd installment of solo piano recordings. A collection of neo-classical compositions, Fiona expresses a vast array of emotions in her journey through the mist. Picturesque and thought provoking these songs flow quietly for an hour of dreams. "Moon Over the Lotus Pond" is her tribute to the people of China who have welcomed her so warmly.

    Recorded and mixed in DSD256 by Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast Studios, Into The Mist is available in its entirety in DSD256 and 7 other formats. Advance sale pricing Continues on for the SACD shipping now. Enjoy!

  • Meghan Andrews | Blue Coast Special Event 43

    It is rare for a talented songwriter to also have the technical ability to perform in a way that gets the listener's heart pumping. A few of the greats-- Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and John Lennon-- come to mind, and Meghan Andrews is well on her way to the top.

    With delicacy and power she performs songs from Townes Van Zandt ("Waiting Around to Die") and Alice in Chains ("Would") along with 8 of her own compositions. Special Event 43 was recorded live at Blue Coast Studios by Cookie Marenco to DSD256 without headphones or overdubs.

  • Paul Hanson | Blue Coast Special Event 38

    If you think the bassoon is only heard in an orchestral setting, you'll marvel at the sound in the hands of Paul Hanson. From "In a Sentimental Mood" to "Wichita Lineman" to his original piece, "98 Skidoo" you'll hear a unique performance like no other. Paul recorded these songs live with no overdubs in the studio using a device called a loop pedal to capture parts that repeat and become the backdrop for his beautiful landscapes of sound.

    Paul Hanson is a bassoonist and sax player who has played with many world renowned artists including Bela Fleck, Wayne Shorter, Ray Charles, Dennis Chambers, and many others. He played the tenor sax in the Eddie Money hit "Take Me Home Tonight."

  • Jenna Mammina | Close Your Eyes

    Originally produced by Cookie Marenco, the masterful musicianship on Close Your Eyes combined with Jenna's intimate vocal sound create something magical. Matt Rollings on B-3 organ, Paul McCandless on soprano sax, André Bush on Guitar, James Genus on bass and John Mader on drums hold down the groove for Jenna's distinct vocals and harmonies. "Dirty Work" (a Steely Dan cover) and "Lotus Blossom" sound as fresh today as when they first came out more than 10 years ago.

    Remixed by Cookie Marenco for Blue Coast Records from 2" analog tape and DSD sessions to DSD 256, we hope you enjoy these wonderful pieces!

  • Art Lande | While She Sleeps

    Blue Coast Records and Grammy-Nominated jazz pianist, Art Lande have teamed up to release this extraordinary collection of classic songs and original pieces. The quiet, subtle nature of the recording is a masterful example of key control and pedaling of which every pianist will want to take note. Performed on an 1885 Steinway, without the use of studio enhancements like equalization, compression, reverb or other digital effects these recordings were immediately sought after by audiophile manufacturers to demonstrate their gear. The sound is clear and immediate yet could put a baby to sleep.

    Recorded to 2" analog tape, mixed to 1/4" inch and DSD64 by Cookie Marenco. Enjoy!

  • Art Lande | Kiss In A Shadow

    Grammy Nominated pianist Art Lande’s album Kiss In A Shadow features solo piano renditions of broadway classics, jazz standards, and traditional folk music. Ranging from moody to flirtatious, impressionistic to modern, Lande’s innovative musical ideas are sure to spark the curiosity of any listener.

    Recorded in DSD64 and mixed through analog console to DSD64 by Cookie. Enjoy!

  • John Moriarty | So Many Stars

    Prepare to be amazed in listening to this recording of the John Moriarty Trio. "So Many Stars", featuring Bonet Moriarty, is likely one of the most spectacularly dynamic vocal recordings you will ever hear. Reminiscent of a Whitney Houston or Eva Cassidy, Bonet's soaring vocals were recorded live with only one or two takes. "My Funny Valentine" and "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" will penetrate your heart and soul! John Moriarty on piano and Jim Kerwin on bass fill So Many Stars with their fine performances.

    Recorded to two-inch analog tape then mixed to DSD128 by Cookie Marenco So Many Stars is available in Double DSD and 4 other formats for your convenience.

  • Vivian y Luis | Corazón

    From one of Nicaragua's most popular bands and a fan favorite for over a year, we have mixed and remastered this album for DSD and high resolution WAV release. Originally recorded to PCM in Nicaragua, Luis and Vivian chose to have Cookie Marenco mix the album and add a few overdubs. The overdubs were recorded on analog tape, the album mixed through an analog console to the Sonoma System in DSD.

  • The Valence Project | Heart Drum

    If you love Daft Punk and want something unique but still close to pop music then try The Valence Project 2 –Heart Drum. Recorded to 2" analog tape, this collaborative album has an all star lineup who has brought stunning vocals, catchy riffs and astonishing effects that will have you grooving in your seat.

  • Fiona Joy | Signature - Synchronicity

    “An exploration into possibility”, in Fiona Joy’s words, Signature - Synchronicity is a reimagination of her acclaimed Signature - Solo in orchestral form. Fiona’s captivating melodies combined with Will Ackerman’s production talent breathe new life into her original arrangements. While retaining the heart and passion of the songs that recently won Fiona the ZMR award for “Best Piano Album - Solo”, Fiona’s expressive piano playing is now beautifully supported by atmospheric vocal swells, strings, percussion and wind instruments. This gives the album a new sense of scale and grandeur—it is a vast and enchanting but still pleasantly familiar adventure.

    Recorded to 96kHz, 24-bit WAV PCM and mixed through an analog stage to DSD128 (5.6MHz).

  • Valerie Joyce | Invitation

    Born in Japan but with deep roots in the art of American jazz, Seattle-based musician, Valerie Joyce is an exceptionally talented vocalist. Airy yet full, rich and expressive, Valerie’s voice is immediately arresting and wonderfully unique. Under Blue Coast Records, Valerie and Cookie have recorded two Blue Coast Special Events, and now comes Valerie's latest addition: Invitation. Aptly named, this record is just that—an invitation to explore Valerie’s unique voice and emotion through a collection of jazz compositions.

    Pulled from Valerie's archives and newly digitized to DSD256 from 1/2" analog tape masters, the previously-unreleased Invitation was produced and arranged by Michael Wolff

  • Derek Jones -- Contemporary Acoustic Bass from Blue Coast Records

    we can't say enough great things about this album. Call it "jazz" call it "contemporary" call it an album from an extraordinary bass player... which is what it is. Recorded and produced by Blue Coast founder, Cookie Marenco, the album is genius in its subtly and tone. The concept was to bring attention to the tone of this instrument, the man playing it and to highlight the friendships he has made over the decades.

    For more than 12 years, Derek has played in KA -- a Cirque du Soleil piece running nightly in Las Vegas. KA requires intuition, ability and high improvisational skills to get this coveted position. Bringing Derek to Blue Coast studios was no easy feat to tear him from that gig... or deciding who would be performing with him on his first solo album.

    Jenna Mammina (vocals), Paul Hanson (solo bassoon artist) and Jeff Coffin (saxophonist for Dave Matthews and Bela Fleck) were at the top of the list. John R Burr on piano completed ensemble. Cookie suggested Brain on drums (Tom Waits, Primus, Guns N' Roses) who hadn't played with any of them prior. The interplay, fun and music made brought everyone to new heights of spacious listening.

    From the Beach Boys ("You Still Believe in Me") to David Sylvian ("Riverman") to Paul Simon ("50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" mashed up with Kool & The Gang's "Get Down On It") to traditional classics like the "Nearness of You" and "You Were Alway" on My Mind" arranged in ways you've never heard before.

    Derek Jones is the bass player of his generation. Recorded to DSD 256 and 2" tape by Cookie Marenco and mixed to DSD 256.

  • Michael Wolff | Zenith - Solo Piano

    This is Michael's first solo piano effort which is amazing when you consider he has had a formidable career as a jazz pianist. Those efforts included recording and touring with Cannonball Adderly, Nancy Wilson, Valerie Joyce and five nights a weeks as musical director on the Arsenio Hall Show. Zenith was originally recorded in 9624 with producer John Newcott in New York and engineered by Ray Aldaco.

    Gary Walker of WBGO says of this album:

    Michael Wolff has captured the diverse spirit of a solo performance done well: from the opening New Orleans bounce, to “Makin' Whoopee” the way we all hope to the choice of Sufjan Stevens; the rollicking sun/fun of “St. Thomas” and the floating discord of “Cry Me A River”. Wolff has not stayed “Too Long at the Fair”.

    The lights are bright, the creativity, phrasing and turn on a dime feelings, taking us along.
    I enjoyed every ride. Zenith is a perfect title for this outstanding expression.

  • New Esterházy Quartet | Haydn in America

    Producer and engineer, Lolly Lewis, founded Transparent Recordings in San Francisco in 1980. Along with the New Esterházy quartet, she has recorded the San Francisco Symphony and many other classical music groups. In recent years she has become more involved with early music performance, meaning the instruments used are all authentic to their specific period in history.

    This unique approach can be heard on Haydn in America, which was recorded in a church during a storm. If you listen carefully you will hear a bit of the wild weather raging outside!

    “I love the depth and subtlety of expression that you can only get with period instruments,” says Lewis, “it’s illuminated the Classical repertoire for me.”

    The music was originally recorded to 8824 and is available in a variety of download formats for your convenience.

  • Suzanne Ciani | Silver Ship

    The first thing one notices about Suzanne Ciani's music is the sound. On Silver Ship, winner of The 5th Annual Independent Music Awards Best New Age Album, her pianistic artistry is accompanied by some of contemporary music's top players including reedman Paul McCandless (Oregon, Bela Fleck), flautist Matt Eakle (Dave Grisman Quintet), guitarist Teja Bell and bassist Michael Manring. Immediately soothing tones unfold to reveal the layers of beauty and romance that have earned her an international following of devoted music lovers. -- Gene Bryan Johnson

  • San Francisco Symphony | Debussy: Images, Jeux & La plus que lente

    Introductory pricing through November 28, 2016.

    Images pour orchestre is a journey inspired by Debussy's own travels. The notable second section, "Ibéria", is dividied into three movements. Experience the "Streets and By-ways," "Fragrance of the Night," and "Festival-day Morning" of early 20th century Spain through Debussy's compositions. Commissioned for the Ballet Russ, the themes of Jeux change rapidly as the dancers portray the story of two women and a man in search of a lost tennis ball at twilight. Finally, the symphony plays La plus que lente, a parody written in response to the fad of slow, sad waltzes. Debussy's orchestration includes cimbalom, a Hungarian stringed percussion instrument that adds a unique texture.

    Recorded to 19224 and 9624 WAV, Debussy: Images, Jeux & La plus que lente is also available in FLAC and DSD for your convenience.

  • Fiona Joy | Into The Mist

    Pre-Order the Hybrid SACD here!

    Into the Mist is Fiona Joy's 2nd installment of solo piano recordings. A collection of neo-classical compositions, Fiona expresses a vast array of emotions in her journey through the mist. Picturesque and thought provoking these songs flow quietly for an hour of dreams. "Moon Over the Lotus Pond" is her tribute to the people of China who have welcomed her so warmly.

    Recorded and mixed skillfully in DSD256 by Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast Studios, Into The Mist is available in its entirety in DSD256 and 7 other formats. Enjoy!

  • Jenna Mammina | Close Your Eyes

    Originally produced by Cookie Marenco, the masterful musicianship on Close Your Eyes combined with Jenna's intimate vocal sound create something magical. With Matt Rollings on B-3 organ, Paul McCandless on soprano sax, André Bush on Guitar, James Genus on bass and John Mader on drums hold down the groove for Jenna's distinct vocals and harmonies. "Dirty Work" (a Steely Dan cover) and "Lotus Blossom" sound as fresh today as when they first came out more than 10 years ago.

    Remixed by Cookie Marenco for Blue Coast Records from 2" analog tape and DSD sessions to DSD 256, we hope you enjoy these wonderful pieces!

  • Valerie Joyce & Michael Wolff | For Heaven's Sake

    Valerie Joyce recorded For Heaven's Sake with renowned pianist Michael Wolff. Michael also produced, arranged the music, and performed on Valerie's Invitation. The duo's chemistry is unmistakable on For Heaven's Sake. Michael thoughtfully sculpts new intention behind Valerie's sultry and soft melodies. The peaceful atmosphere is full of nuances that only come from a live performance by musicians with real chemistry. From Brahms to Duran Duran Valerie and Michael explore songs outside of the typical jazz idiom, but bring it home with classics like "In A Sentimental Mood" and "You Taught My Heart To Sing."

    Cookie Marenco mixed For Heaven's Sake to Quad Rate DSD through an analog stage. Get it in 8 different high resoultion formats at:

  • John Moriarty | The Duo

    Smooth, lush and intimate describes this album of jazz favorites. John Moriarty plays the piano with bassist Mark Williams on this live recording made at Blue Coast Studios. Candlelight and classic pop songs of the last 40 years. This album was recorded direct to DSD and mixed to DSD by Cookie Marenco.

  • Blue Coast All Star Jam

    What happens when you invite six of your favorite artists to the studio when all they have in common is knowing the producer? Blue Coast All-Star Jam! It's a amazing what you can do in a day with great musicians. Don't be alarmed if you hear the sound of tape rolling up in the beginning, count offs and false starts. We wanted the listener to experience the studio as if they were in the control room-- you'll be transported back in time to the day of the recording session with us every time you listen.

    Not to be missed-- Melissa Reese singing a hypnotic and rootsy version of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" arranged by Cookie Marenco. The final three songs on this album are instrumentals written by Tony Furtado and Chris Lynch that will knock your socks off. Recorded to 2" analog tape and mixed to DSD 128.

  • Keith Greeninger | The NPR Sessions

    Keith, Chris Kee (acoustic bass) and Brain (percussion) came to the interviews for NPR. We demonstrated our recording to analog tape/DSD, mic positions and how magic made in the studio! These are live-in-the-studio recordings that we love. With so many new music lovers experiencing DSD, we decided to offer a very special price of $25 for the entire DSD album -- and more than 50 minutes of music. Our favorite is Keith's version of "Into the Mystic".

  • San Francisco Symphony | Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 & Mass in C Major Surround

    Internationally renowned conductor Michael Tilson Thomas leads master pianist Emanuel Ax and the symphony in this passionate performance of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3, noted for its aggressive opening movement, hushed second, and boisterous finale.

    Then the Grammy award winning SF Symphony Chorus joins Thomas and the Symphony for Beethoven’s seldom-performed Mass in C major. While still respecting certain Mass traditions, Beethoven pushes boundaries through expressive instrumental parts. Piano Concerto No. 3 & Mass in C Major are two of the works that helped ground Beethoven’s reputation as a creative genius.

  • MAJK | 3 Songs

    MAJK recently joined us at Blue Coast Studios for a session with Cookie recording with no headphones or overdubs. MAJK is made up of Mathew Harmon on guitar, Alexis Hawk on cello and banjo, Jeff Kissell on bass and Kelly Koval on vocals. Many of these artists are frequent visitors to our studios.

    The harmonies and sounds this band creates will remind you of Simon & Garfunkel, Iron & Wine or any of the music on the "Garden State" soundtrack. Recorded to 2" analog tape and digitized to DSD256, 3 Songs is available in 7 other high resolution formats for your convenience. We look forward to more songs from this exciting acoustic quartet.

  • Springhouse | Colville

    Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jane Selkye of Springhouse brings her talent for delivering intense, memorable melodies to Colville. This is a celebrated album of songs with a broad range of moods and instrumentation. In the opening and title track, Jane leads us through a haunting ensemble of guitar, pedal steel, and acoustic bass.

    From the nostalgic and misty-eyed “Three Crow Town”, featuring a skilled banjo accompaniment, to the celestial “On The Moon” with its otherworldly piano and guitar, the arrangements on Colville support Jane’s passionate performance very well. The record closes with the warm and waltzing “In Love Before The Last Call”, a melody that stays with the listener long after it comes to an end. Jane has a special skill for capturing a musical mood, and Colville is an essential example.

  • Houston Jones | Calico Heart

    Calico Heart was the first album Houston Jones hired us to record. The album was originally recorded to 2" tape and mixed to 1/2" tape. It sounded incredible when we transferred the music to DSD.

    This versatile California band can cover many styles of music - from bluegrass and folk to blues and gospel and more. Those of you who enjoy a heavier rock sound will enjoy the powerful vocals and layers of electric guitar featured on Calico Heart.

  • Blue Coast Live at Newport 2016

    This June 10,000 audiophiles and manufacturers came together for THE Show Newport, the largest high end audio show in North America. Being with enthusiastic music lovers, artists and manufacturers is always a treat.

    This year our favorite Blue Coast artists came to THE Show for live-to-Quad-DSD recording in our exhibit room. Recording in a tiny hotel room crammed with audience members is always a challenge, but there is something special about such an intimate setting. This year was full of surprises, especially when the audience asked for artists to perform together who had never met before.

    Hear the magic for yourself at:

    Hope you can join us next year!

  • San Francisco Symphony | Mason Bates: Works for Orchestra

    Mason Bates, Bay Area composer and professor at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, has created a contemporary collection of orchestral works that blend the classical symphony orchestra with modern electronic programming. The B-Sides, commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony, will delight you and the colossal Liquid Interface will leave you in awe. One of the most creative and ingenuous synthesists of our time, these works show Bates reimagining the dimensions of symphonic music by integrating jazz, techno, drum-n-bass, field recordings of a FermiLab particle collider—and more.

    Recorded to 192/24 live at Davies Symphony Hall, Mason Bates: Works for Orchestra is available to download in 7 different high resolution formats including DSD for your convenience. Enjoy!

  • Odell Fox | Blue Coast Special Event 44

    Odell Fox is a musical and lyrical collaboration between fan favorite Jenner Fox and Raphael Odell Shapiro. Supported by Jeff Kissell on bass, Lauren Tronick on vocals/violin, and Brain on drums, the Odell Fox chemistry brings the campfire ease to your living room. Their poetry and warm harmonies are relaxed and undemanding. The lead off tune, a Paul Simon classic "You Can Call Me Al", will have you dancing in seconds. Odell Fox takes Jenner's signature style and adds Raph's influence, creating a perfect blend that fans both old and new will love.

    Recorded to tape and mixed to Quad DSD, we have this title available in a variety of formats to suit your system.

  • Valerie Joyce | Blue Coast Special Event 31

    Valerie Joyce, Seattle based jazz vocalist, has a voice that is smooth as silk and will leave you feeling relaxed and tranquil. Special Event 31 is an intimate and simple duo of Valerie on vocals and Marco de Carvalho on acoustic guitar. Tracks 4, 7, and 9 were recorded live at the 2014 California Audio Show and capture a unique atmosphere that can only be experienced in a live setting. Special Event 31 is a great addition to any jazz lover's collection.

    Recorded in DSD64 and mixed through our analog console to DSD128, Special Event 31 is available to download in 7 different formats. Enjoy!

  • Andy Narell | Dis 1. 4. Raf

    Andy Narell’s two-disc album Dis 1. 4. Raf is a collection of improvised melodies and Latin dance rhythms. Narell’s virtuosity on the steel pan is complimented by his band, which includes Janysett McPherson on piano, Thierry Fanfant on bass, Inor Sotolongo on congas and percussion, and Gregory Louis on drums. Dis 1. 4. Raf features a number of originals from Narell, as well as covers of tunes by Ray Holman, John Coltrane and others. On "Para Quel Bailes Mi Rumba" pianist Janysett McPherson brings the album's Carribean flavor to the next level with a stunning vocal performance. Jazz fans will want to hear "Moment's Notice" played on this unusual instrument.

    The album was originally recorded at 9624 WAV. We have converted the files to DSD for your convenience.

  • Newport Blue Coast Sampler 1

    Now Available as a 24K Gold MQD

    Blue Coast Records was founded for artists like these: exceptional musicians and performers. Our special release for THE Show Newport, this compilation album features our favorite tracks from Alex de Grassi, Jenna Mammina, Nick Phillips & Jenny Maybee, Valerie Joyce, and Meghan Andrews & Marco Ferrero.

    Available as a 24k Gold MQD, stop by room 411 during THE Show Newport to get it first and at a special show-only discount!

  • Jenna Mammina & Alex de Grassi | Live in the Studio

    The first concert streamed live in DSD from the US, Live in the Studio captures a historic concert from vocalist Jenna Mammina and guitarist Alex de Grassi. Both extremely talented musicians in their own right, together Jenna and Alex created something more than just the sum of their parts. Alex’s fingers effortlessly blend dense jazz harmonies with rugged blues licks on “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” and Jenna channels her own pain (from learning of Prince's death hours before we went live) into a cover of "King of Pain" by The Police.

    Originally broadcast in DSD128, Live in the Studio was recorded to DSD256 at Skywalker Sound by Leslie Ann Jones and Cookie Marenco then mixed using our proprietary analog stage methods at Blue Coast Studios to DSD256.

  • Blue Coast Collection Remastered

    When Blue Coast Collection was originally released in 2007, we mixed it to 1/2" tape, then converted it to DSD64 for the SACD and high resolution downloads. It's interesting to know that we always preferred the 1/2" tape mixes. Now that DSD256 is an option we decided to remaster the album to it's original analog sound. It took months of tweaking the machine to offer the DSD256 in its highest audio state.

    On the remastered edition, you will hear details as never before... the sound of the room, newly exposed endings of harmony notes, and previously hidden acoustic timbres.

  • Blue Coast Collection 2

    Blue Coast Collection 2 features performances of songs by James Taylor, Warren Zevon and Keith Greeninger by our top Blue Coast Artists. Record live, using our proprietary Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) technique, Blue Coast Collection 2 was created with the music lover in mind. Nothing but good music, performed by expert musicians, captured by the most pure recording methods possible. You’ll feel like you’re in the room with us every time you listen.

  • Fiona Joy | Signature-Solo

    Nominated for 2 awards for Best Solo Piano Album from ZMR and One World Music Radio, Signature-Solo has captured the attention of critics worldwide. The album debuted at #1 on the radio for New Age marking the first solo piano album to do so since George Winston in 2004.

    Signature-Solo was recorded to 2" analog tape, and mixed through our analog stage to DSD128 at Blue Coast Studios by Cookie Marenco.

  • Meghan Andrews | Blue Coast Special Event 43

    It is rare for a talented songwriter to also have the technical ability to perform in a way that gets the listener's heart pumping. A few of the greats-- Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and John Lennon-- come to mind, and Meghan Andrews is well on her way to the top.

    With delicacy and power she performs songs from Townes Van Zandt ("Waiting Around to Die") and Alice in Chains ("Would"), along with 8 of her own compositions.

    Special Event 43 was recorded live at Blue Coast Studios by Cookie Marenco to DSD256 without headphones or overdubs.

  • Valerie Joyce | Blue Coast Special Event 25

    We've had the opportunity to record Valerie and Marco de Carvalho live to DSD in our own Blue Coast studios. This is a compilation of several recording sessions with this talented vocalist and Brazilian guitarist. The last two songs were recorded at the California Audio Show in 2013. Recording in a hotel at a convention always has its challenges, but Valerie and Marco's performance is stellar.

  • Alex de Grassi | Blue Coast Special Event 19

    Live Recording Direct to DSD!

    Alex de Grassi was one of the founding artists for Windham Hill and he engages the entire guitar's tonal capabilities when he plays. On this album Alex performs on the guitar and a harp guitar (a multi-stringed instrument that sounds like a sitar). We suggest listening to Shenandoah. Few guitar players are as revered as Alex de Grassi especially by other guitar players. This is a fan favorite recording.

  • Christie Winn | Blue Coast Special Event 16

    The first song is "Fragile" sung by the lovely and talented Christie Winn (who also plays the Steinway), written by Sting, and accompanied by Henry Salvia (Houston Jones keyboardist) on accordion. Don't worry, those little clicks you hear are Christie making percussive sounds while she plays. We like it. It's LIVE! In "50 Ways to Leave your Lover" and "She's Got You", Henry Salvia puts on his Dr. John hat with impressive piano stylings to accompany Christie.

  • Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm | Blue Coast Special Event 37

    Live Recording Direct to DSD!

    Jenna Mammina (long time Blue Coast Records' favorite) and Rolf Sturm visited our studio for a special one of a kind recording! A must hear is "Wicked Game" - a song originally written and performed by Chris Isaac. Jenna and Rolf put their unique spin on this classic song making a haunting version all their own. The album flows effortlessly as they perform classic pop and jazz songs of the 70's and 80's. Recorded without headphones or overdubs, you'll hear every breathe and strum of the vocals and guitar.

    Of Jenna's voice, former senior editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, Ben Fong-Torres says “Exquisite. Rolf Sturm has also earned the praise of Joe Pass, Jim Hall, John Abercrombie, and Bill Frisell. Together they create a beautiful sound that captures our imagination and brings a fresh feel to popular songs. Recorded to DSD, and mixed through an analog console to DSD128 by Blue Coast founder, Cookie Marenco.

  • Happy Valley Volume 1

    In May 2013, the Blue Coast Crew traveled to Happy Valley, Santa Cruz, California to record a special group of musicians. Hand chosen by Keith Greeninger, these artists came from various parts of Northern California to record a few songs in a magical place in the middle of a redwood forest. Surrounded by trees, birds and wildflowers, the Blue Coast Crew recorded direct to DSD using the Extended Sound Environment technique. All the musicians were incredible. We became instant fans. Occasionally, you'll hear Keith singing in the background. Sometimes, you'll hear the birds in the background. The day ended too soon.

  • Happy Valley Volume 2

    The long awaited final set from Happy Valley is now available. Happy Valley is Keith Greeninger's studio deep in the Santa Cruz mountains that hides in the redwood trees and flocks of birds. It's a magical place for musicians to perform. In 2013 we brought a remote DSD recording unit to the studio. Keith supplied the musicians, most of whom we had never met. We were overwhelmed by their musicianship and authenticity when performing. This must have been what Alan Lomax felt like recording folk music of his generation. A truly magical day. We've purposely left some of the conversation before and after the songs in so that you can experience the day along with us. The audience was a mix of our own crew, a video crew, the other musicians, and a few interested local friends. This wasn't a concert - it was an experience of sharing ideas, spontaneity and musical twists and turns. It's not perfect, but it's definitely inspired. Enjoy!

  • Alex de Grassi & Keith Greeninger | Live at The Fenix

    To kick off Blue Coast Records 10th Anniversary, Keith Greeninger and Alex de Grassi staged an unforgettable concert at the Fenix in San Rafael,California. Recorded live at the Fenix by Cookie Marenco in DSD256; the album is also available in several other formats for your convenience. Please be aware that artifacts from a live performance (like the sound of amplifying the artist's sound to the audience) can be heard and are not possible to remove in the mix. What is lost in sonic purity is gained with the sound of being there. These mixes have been edited and remixed from the multi-track recording.

  • Ann & Pete Sibley | Blue Coast Special Event 40

    Anne and Pete's debut on Blue Coast Record's Happy Valley Volume 1 was so powerful we had to invite them back for more. Fans of acoustic-pop and Americana will love this album, it's laced with lyrical guitars, banjo melodies and goose-bump raising harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel. Special Event 40 was recorded live, direct to DSD256, without overdubs at Blue Coast Studios.

  • Fiona Joy & Lawrence Blatt | Blue Coast Special Event 41

    Fiona's emotive piano style and the masterful acoustic guitar playing of Lawrence creates unique texture of timbres on songs like "Feeling Sunshine" and "And The Sky Was". Lawrence's sultry guitar performance on "Bern" is complimented by Fiona's effervescent vocals, and Lawrence's ukulele puts a new twist on Fiona's "Feeling Sunshine".

    Special Event 41 was recorded and mixed skillfully in DSD256 by Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast Studios. Enjoy!

  • Tony Furtado | Blue Coast Special Event 30

    Tony is an established master on slide guitar and banjo, but Blue Coast Special Event 30 is Tony's Blue Coast Records vocal debut. We are especially fond of his cover of Tom Petty's Runnin' Down A Dream. Tony puts his own twists and turns on the song that make it almost unrecognizable at first, but maintains the electric feeling of the original.

    Special Event 30 was recorded live, direct to DSD, by Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast Studios using the E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment) technique.

  • James Englund & Bobo | Blue Coast Special Event 29

    Three beautiful acoustic creations from James Englund & Bobo. Brought to our studios from Australia by Fiona Joy, this duo creates music with the combined essence of Crowded House, Simon & Garfunkel and (acoustic) Beatles. All three songs are available in Double DSD and were recorded only days before their recent American tour opening for Fiona Joy. James Englund is not only a talented songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, he's also a terrific engineer with his own commercial studio in Australia. Bobo is a superb vocalist and musician who started young on the violin and then, at 13, switched to the oboe. We look forward to hearing more from these two!

  • Garett Brennan | Blue Coast Special Event 26

    Garett Brennan and Jon Neufeld stopped by our studios to record a "live in the studio" album direct to DSD. Chris Lynch came over to add his violin on the first two tracks. You'll remember Garett from his performances on Blue Coast Collection 1 and 2. His songs are played at audio shows worldwide.

    Songwriters like Garett come along once every generation. Following in the footsteps of Woodie Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Tom Waits, Garett''s lyrics range from timeless anthems to poignant description of living in today's world. His vocal delivery is dynamic and direct.

  • Jenner Fox | Blue Coast Special Event 35

    Blue Coast Special Event 35 features singer-songwriter Jenner Fox, who is mellow and honest in his vocal delivery. Featuring guitar and gentle acoustic harmonies, Jenner was clearly influenced by artists like James Taylor or Fleetwood Mac. Producer and Engineer Cookie Marenco's proprietary Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E) recording technique captures the seamless blend between vocals and guitar accompaniment, making for a pristine listening experience. With melodies that are both haunting and happy all at once, Blue Coast Special Event 35 is a great choice for the introspective listener.

  • Keith Greeninger | Blue Coast Special Event 20

    There was no better choice than Keith Greeninger to perform when we recorded to Double DSD for the first time. We journeyed to a recording hideaway deep in the Santa Cruz mountains with our gear -- a minimized version of what we usually use in the studio, limited to 2 mics, 2 Millennia Pre amps, our proprietary cable and 2 channels of Double DSD (Korg m2-2000s).

  • Mick Overman | Blue Coast Special Event 23

    Mick Overman is a testament to American traditional music with his gristly vocals and finger-plucked guitar. Blue Coast Special Event 23 is rich in emotion as sweeping arpeggios become entangled in his spiritual lyrics. Mick’s notable cover of Hoyt Axton’s “Pusher” adds a bluesey flavor while maintaining the powerful rebellious and reflective themes of the song. Blue Coast Special Event 23 is a contemplative and folksy collection of tracks accessible to any music lover.

  • Keith Grenninger & City Folk | Special Event 11

    Blue Coast Special Event 11 is a collection of laid back folk tunes with upbeat hopeful motifs and pensive themes. The collaboration between Keith Greeninger and City Folk blossoms into sweet harmonies balanced by bright acoustic tones. Keith’s rich vocals blend perfectly with the layers of twangy strings. Producer and Engineer Cookie Marenco brought us the moment by expertly capturing the live performance with her Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) technique.

  • Jason McGuire | Special Event 17

    Recorded as an event for the Bay Area Audio Society, Special Event 17 is unique because it includes two different takes of each song. The solo guitarist showed off his musical dynamic range on "Contra Tiempo" and then brought the heat with the fiery flamenco of "Romance." Captured using Cookie Marenco's proprietary Extended Sound Environment technique, this recording is so intimate you can hear Jason's rhythmic breaths punctuating the magic of his performance.

  • Dayan Kai | Special Event 14

    Great musicianship is best shared in it's natural state, Dayan Kai is a perfect example of this. Special Event 14 is a collection of original songs by the multi-instrumentalist, who came to the studio as he was preparing to move to Hawaii in 2012. His poignant lyrics and strong voice are just as relevant today as they were yesterday. "When You Know" is one of those songs that makes you take a minute and really think.

  • Keith Greeninger | Special Event 15

    Recorded using Cookie Marenco's signature Extended Sound Environment technique, this blues inspired special event feels as though you are sitting in the room with singer-songwriter Keith Greeninger. Blue Coast Special Event 15 defines what acoustic music should sound and feel like. The nuances of Keith's voice that are present can only be captured in such an intimate recording environment. Honest and melancholy, Keith Greeninger opens up his heart in this stunning collection of songs.

  • Keith Greeninger, Chris Kee & Brain | Blue Coast Special Event 1

    On April 9, 2009, Blue Coast Artists Keith Greeninger & Chris Kee were joined by world-class drummer Brain for a live recording at the request of Blue Coast Records' producer and founder, Cookie Marenco.

    Some of you know Brain's incredible drumming skills from his work with Primus, Tom Waits, Buckethead, Guns N' Roses and many others. Keith Greeninger's familiar voice is heard in the lead-off track on the Blue Coast Collection - Keith is a stunning performer. Chris Kee, also featured on the Blue Coast Collection, is playing acoustic bass.

    Blue Coast Special Event 1 went from recording to worldwide distribution in 3 hours... a historical event that set the stage for the delivery of Extended Sound Environment music direct from the studio for the next 10 years.

  • Keith Greeninger, Chris Kee & Brain | Blue Coast Special Event 2

    A month after the success of Blue Coast Special Event 1, Cookie brought back the incredible artists featured for another round. Special Event 2 features four original songs written by Keith Greeninger and a rendition of the traditional song "Deep Ellum Blues."

    The rare and hand-crafted Didrik microphones used on Special Event 2 were also used to record Blue Coast Collection.

  • Garett Brennan | Special Event 6

    Garett Brennan and The Great Salt Licks were in town for a show so we had them stop by for a live recording! You might remember him for his two songs on the Blue Coast Collection. Garett is fast becoming the new generation's Woodie Guthrie with sprinkles of Tom Waits influences.

    These new songs were recorded live-in-the-studio to 2" analog multitrack tape and mixed to DSD (Direct Stream Digital) using the Sonoma System (link is external). We used the E.S.E. technique for recording.. no headphones, no overdubs, just real human dynamics. Spectacular!

  • Keith & Dayan, Jane & Chris | Special Event 9 & 8

    Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai’s song "The Deeper that You Love" is a song with heavy blues influences and a folk inspired energy. Long guitar slides and vibratos are led by Keith’s powerful vocals. The emotional chorus and guitar solo make this song stand out.

    Jane Selke, Chris Kee, and Henry Salvia perform a Spanish language composition entitled El Rio. Jane’s delicate vocals are unsullied by the plucked guitar and string bass. The piano accentuates the detailed and broad sonic image that was expertly crafted by Cookie Marenco using her proprietary Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) recording technique.!

  • Tony Furtado | Blue Coast Special Event 22

    First a national banjo champion, then a sought after slide guitar player, Tony joined us at OTR for solo recordings on both instruments. If you're a fan of Ry Cooder, Blind Willie Johnson or other great blues players, you'll love this album. If the guitar holds a special place in your heart, Special Event 22 is a MUST HAVE!

  • Blue Coast Collection | 5.1 Surround Sound

    Blue Coast Records’ first release features exceptional acoustic recordings performed live in the studio without the use of headphones, overdubs or digital effects. When put together with world-class musicians, these recording techniques come together to create something so special the process has been given it's own name: Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.).

    Originally conceptualized for the surround environment, E.S.E. makes use of room and direct microphone placement to optimize full tonal response from the instruments and character of the room, while allowing the musicians to position themselves to hear and respond to each other without the use of headphones. The resulting record truly places the listener in an audio hologram of the music.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Beethoven No. 7

    Beethoven's Symphony 7 is one his most popular symphonies. In a letter from Beethoven, he himself calls it his finest work. The haunting Second Movement starts with a simple one note melody and transforms through the piece through the repetition of overlapping counter melodies building to a fantastic sound. Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony give a stellar performance of this timeless piece of music

  • San Francisco Symphony | John Adams' Absolute Jest & Grand Pianola Music

    Few American composers reach fame within their lifetime. John Adams has achieved the status of being one of the most well regarded composer of today. Thirty-one years separate the two works on this album. Grand Pianola Music dates from 1982, when Adams was living in a flat in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district and composing in a tiny room that looked out over the rooftops of that funky and infamous neighborhood. Absolute Jest, from 2013, is the work of a composer in his sixties revisiting signal works from his youth—in this case Beethoven—through the lens of a more evolved subtle compositional language.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Beethoven No. 5

    Featuring perhaps the most recognizable motif in Western symphonic music, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony has amazed listeners and musicians alike for more than 200 years. Written while the composer was losing his hearing and fighting a terrible infection that threatened the loss of a finger, this composition tells a story beginning in conflict and darkness and transforming into triumph by its conclusion. Listen to this true masterpiece, performed expertly by Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony, recorded to 96kHz 24-bit WAV PCM. DSD and FLAC formats are also available for your convenience.

  • San Francisco Symphony | John Adams: Harmonielehre & Short Ride in a Fast Machine

    John Adams is one of Americas most notable living composers. Wrote Adams of the music, “It was a piece serious in its expressiveness, and the explosive energies and bright colors that inhabit its three movements do not strike me as anything other than the product of that particular time and place. If the work is a parody, it is a parody made lovingly and entirely without irony.”

    Recorded to 9624 and converted to DSD and other formats for your convenience.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Ives Concord & Copland Organ Symphonies

    These are two remarkable pieces by American composers Aaron Copland and Charles Ives. Copland was one of the most respected American classical composers of the twentieth century. By incorporating popular forms of American music such as jazz and folk into his compositions, he created pieces both exceptional and innovative. When noted composer Virgil Thompson was asked his opinion of the Organ Symphony he said, "I wept when I heard it because I had not written it myself!"

    The Concord Sonata by Charles Ives (1874-1954), a towering classic of piano literature, emerged into being over many decades. From 1958 to 1994, composer Henry Brandt was obsessed with orchestrating this great work of Ives. The work presents the intense sound as Ives intended. Originally recorded in Davies Hall in 9624 WAV, we have converted it to varies files types (DSD and FLAC) for your convenience.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Tchaikovsky No. 5

    Also Available in 5.1 Multichannel Surround Sound

    One of Tchaikovsky's most popular works, Symphony Number 5 takes the listener on a musical journey of triumph over adversity. The San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas never fail to wow the audience when taking on a monumental piece such as this. The breath-taking performance was recorded live at Davies Hall in San Francisco to 192/24 WAV-- now it's available in high resolution 5.1 surround sound so you can listen from the best seat in the house... your own!

  • San Francisco Symphony | West Side Story

    This time the San Francisco Symphony has graced us with a live recording of the first-ever complete concert performances of West Side Story, one of the most loved and groundbreaking musicals of all time by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim.

    Rita Moreno, the actress who played Anita in the 1961 film adaptation shares with us "From the first note... I moved to the edge of my seat, with every nerve ending prepared to receive this astonishing musical assault of notes, chords, and complex rhythms, held together by the sinew of one man’s genius. For me, the fiery passion, wit, yearning, dissonance, intensity, joy, and sharp angles of this work-for-the-ages were all present and fresh again. Thank you Maestro Michael Tilson Thomas, the San Francisco Symphony, and a superb ensemble."

    Recorded at 9624 WAV, West Side Story is also available in DSD and FLAC for your convenience.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Mahler No. 1

    We are proud to present Mahler's Symphony No. 1, the second recording of the complete Mahler Symphony cycle. This powerful and passionate performance of Mahler's "Titan" captures the excitement of the Grammy-winning conductor-symphony partnership that the Los Angeles Times called "the most exciting Mahler combination anywhere right now." Originally recorded in DSD 2.8MHz. Available in DSD, WAV and FLAC.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Masterpieces in Miniature

    Also Available in 5.1 Multichannel Surround Sound

    This exquisite recording from the Grammy award-winning partnership of Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony brings us your favorite Mahler, Debussy, Ravel with an electrifying performance by virtuoso pianist Yuja Wang.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Mahler No. 2

    Also Available in 5.1 Multichannel Surround Sound

    Recorded live at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas, Mahler's Symphony No. 2 spreads before us a great and pictorial pageant. The hero of the First Symphony is borne to his grave. No wonder in Mahler's own words, “the real, the climactic dénouement [of the First] comes only in the Second.” Originally recorded in DSD 2.8MHz, Gustav Mahler's Symphony Number 2 is a must have for all symphonic music lovers.

  • San Francisco Symphony | Mahler No. 7

    Also Available in 5.1 Multichannel Surround Sound

    San Francisco Symphony conductor Michael Tilson Thomas is a scholar well known for his interpretations of Gustav Mahler's distinguished music. This thrilling rendition earned Tilson Thomas the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Classical Recording. Also known as The Night Song, Symphony Number 7 takes the listener on a tonal journey from dusk to dawn. Recorded direct to DSD at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, Gustav Mahler's Symphony Number 7 is a must have for all symphonic music lovers.

  • Cécile McLorin Salvant | For One To Love

    2016 Grammy Award Winner of Best Vocal Jazz Album!

    Cécile’s For One To Love is a historic example of her vocal mastery. With a warm, eccentric voice that ranges from a whisper to a cry, Cécile can only be described as a jazz prodigy. Classically trained, her style is clearly influenced by the legendary Bessie Smith, Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald - with a cadence of her own. Humorous showtunes like “Stepsister’s Lament” highlight Cécile’s charm, while the soulful “Growlin’ Dan” shows how much power she can command. Recorded and mixed to 96kHz 24-bit PCM, this extraordinary award-winning record is also available in DSD and FLAC.

  • Christian McBride Trio | Live at the Village Vanguard

    Winner of the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Improvised Jazz Solo!

    One of the most recorded musicians of his generation, and now a four-time Grammy award winner, Christian McBride is a virtuoso unlike any other. In his Grammy Award winning solo, McBride re-imagines what is typical or even possible for the jazz bass. While his blazing fast fingers are nothing short of jaw-dropping, he brings a lyrical and effortless style to his bass playing. This record is the fruit of McBride’s long association with the Vanguard, where his first appearance as band leader for the historic club was in 1995. Now you can experience the magic of the Village Vanguard from the comfort of your own home. Recorded and mixed to 96kHz, 24-bit WAV PCM and converted to DSD through our proprietary systems for your convenience.

  • Aaron Diehl | Space, Time, Continuum

    Widely acknowledged as a modern master in the aftermath of his acclaimed 2012 Mack Avenue debut, The Bespoke Man’s Narrative, 29-year-old pianist-composer Aaron Diehl ups the ante with the 2015 release Space, Time, Continuum.

  • Aaron Diehl | The Bespoke Man's Narrative

    Aaron Diehl represents the next generation of jazz artists that come with a knowledge of the past and the ears of the future. His quartet is comprised of young musicians, like himself, in a unique blend of piano, vibraphone, bass and drums. Modern, yet familiar, you'll hear touches of Ellington, Debussy, Billy Childs and Wayne Shorter in Diehl's own compositions. Originally recorded to 9624 WAV, this album demonstrate an 'old school' approach to mastering a recording. You'll notice a purposeful fade in on Epilogue and tight, clean tops on songs with drums. All meant to be.

  • Christian McBride Trio | Out Here

    With Out Here, premier bassist Christian McBride’s fifth recording on Mack Avenue Records, McBride introduces his latest working group: a trio, fully embracing at age 41 his role as standard-bearer and mentor. Pianist Christian Sands and drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr.—both younger, emerging artists—have been performing with McBride’s smallest group for about three years, honing their trio conception to a fine point of expressive depth and nuance with select performances around the world.

  • Cécile McLorin Salvant | WomanChild

    When Cécile McLorin Salvant arrived at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to compete in the finals of the 2010 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition, she was not only the youngest finalist, but also a mystery woman with the most unusual background of any of the participants. When she walked away with first place in the jazz world's most prestigious contest, the buzz began almost immediately. The New York Times now calls her "the finest jazz singer to emerge in the last decade.

  • Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai | Make it Rain

    An instant classic, Make it Rain is a project Keith and Dayan had been intending to make for a while. It includes long time fan favorites from their years of touring the country that have never been available as recordings until now. They also perform powerful renditions of songs by some of their favorite writers.

    Make it Rain was recorded to 2" analog tape and mixed to DSD by Cookie Marenco.

  • Cava Menzies & Nick Phillips | Moment to Moment

    If you're a fan of Kind of Blue (and who isn't), you'll love Moment to Moment. It's a slow paced album of ballads great for when you want to relax. Nick Phillips soulful trumpet and Cava's "Bill Evans-like" touch will draw you in from the first notes. Recorded at Fantasy studios at 192/24 WAV, for your convenience we remastered through our analog gear to produce the DSD masters. This is an independent release specially selected by Downloads NOW!

  • Janet Feder | Songs With Words

    A native of Boulder, Colorado Janet Feder is most widely known for pioneering composition for prepared guitar. This technique involves modifying a guitar with bits and pieces (a screw, a paper clip, anything) and gives her solo guitar performance a truly unique sound. On Songs With Words, Feder masterfully composes pieces for prepared guitar and voice. The intimacy and depth of her performance will hypnotize you.

  • Fiona Joy | Signature-Synchronicity

    “An exploration into possibility”, in Fiona Joy’s words, “Signature - Synchronicity” is a reimagination of her acclaimed “Signature - Solo” album in orchestral form. Fiona’s captivating melodies combined with Will Ackerman’s production talent breathe new life into her original arrangements. While retaining the heart and passion of the songs that recently won Fiona the ZMR award for “Best Piano Album - Solo”, Fiona’s expressive piano playing is now beautifully supported by atmospheric vocal swells, strings, percussion and wind instruments. This gives the album a new sense of scale and grandeur—it is a vast and enchanting but still pleasantly familiar adventure.

    Recorded to 96kHz, 24-bit WAV PCM and mixed through an analog stage to DSD128 (5.6MHz).

  • Jenna Mammina | Jenna Remixed

    Recorded Live in DSD256!

    This special remix features music originally produced by Cookie Marenco, for Jenna's early work. With a band made up of musicians of the highest level (Matt Rollings on B-3 organ, Paul McCandless on soprano sax, André Bush on Guitar, James Genus on bass and John Mader on drums), Jenna's vocals bring to life an intimate, yet spacious, groove. On "Lotus Blossom" the rhythm section is joined by Rob Burger on accordion, opening a new sonic spectrum. Slated to be part of a future Producer's Choice compilation on Blue Coast Records, both "Dirty Work" (a Steely Dan cover) and "Lotus Blossom" sound as fresh today as when they first came out more than 10 years ago.

    Jenna Remixed was remixed from 2" analog tape to DSD256 at Blue Coast Studios by Cookie Marenco.

  • Daria | Strawberry Fields Forever

    Jazz vocalist Daria demonstrates just how far an experienced musician can take John Lennon and Paul McCartney's iconic works on Strawberry Fields Forever: Songs by the Beatles. Supported by a cast of sixteen master instrumentalists, Daria's vocals will take you on a journey across space and time-- from New Orleans to South America to India. Any fans of the Beatle's own daring musical innovations will love what Daria has to offer.

  • Lawrence Blatt | Emergence

    You may remember Lawrence from Blue Coast Special Event 42, his beautiful collaboration with Fiona Joy. Now we are excited to offer high resolution downloads of Lawrence's newest album, Emergence. Heartwarming, soothing, and relaxing layers of guitar work are decorated with luscious melodies and percussive moods. Produced by Will Ackerman, Emergence is a brilliant blend of Blatt's passions for science and music, and is an exhilarating follow-up to Blatt's 2009 critically acclaimed release, The Color of Sunshine.

    Recorded in 9624 and remixed to DSD 128 by Tom Eaton.

  • Fiona Joy | Blue Dream

    Winner of the 2009 ZMR Awards for Album of the Year, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album and Best Instrumental Album - Piano, Blue Dream boasts both masterful musicianship and a captivating musical narrative. This 22 song album, according to Fiona, “began as the most ambitious project of my entire career, and resulted in one of the most remarkable collaborations this genre has ever known."

    Originally recorded by Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios on an exceptional Steinway piano, Blue Dream is now available in high resolution formats for your listening experience.

  • Fiona Joy | 600 Years In A Moment

    Performing on a handmade Australian Stuart and Sons piano and accompanied by ancient instruments from all over the world, Fiona’s “600 Years in a Moment” combines past, present and future. defies genre limitations and cohesively blends elements of classical, jazz, and world music together with new age. This compositional talent awarded Fiona Best Instrumental Album - Piano at the 2013 ZMR Music Awards.

    Now 600 Years In A Moment is available to purchase on Vinyl and as DSD and other high resolution digital formats.

  • Joe McQueen | 10 at 86

    Ten songs by this wonderful 86 year old saxophone player and his band. Recorded by Ray Kimber using his IsoMike system direct to DSD. If you like jazz, give his album a listen!

  • Fan-Ya Lin | Emerging

    Emerging features passionate performances by the young pianist of Beethoven's "Appassionata" sonata, Bach's Toccata in C, and works by Chopin and Lowell Liebermann.

    From a young age, Fan-Ya Lin, who began formal piano study at age four, dreamed of becoming a concert pianist. In 2008, Fan-Ya declined admissions offers from internationally renowned music conservatories, including the Juilliard School, and enrolled at Weber State University to study with Dr. Yu-Jane Yang.

  • Dayan Kai | Resonate

    Multi-instrumentalist and song writer Dayan Kai, a frequent player on Blue Coast recordings, is back with an album of music meant to feed the soul. His thoughtful lyrics will make you feel and think. A perfect combination with his simple and soulful guitar playing.

    Recorded by Cookie Marenco to DSD.

  • Garett Brennan | Little Cottonwood

    Little Cottonwood is an collection of short stories. Simple guitar sets the stage for Garett Brennan's emotional lyrics. The dynamic nature of the performance is captured in DSD. It's the perfect record to accompany a slow relaxing day.

    Cut live at 8500 ft in a log cabin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Rockies, this record is 100% Acoustic. Recorded by Cookie Marenco and Jean Claude Reymond using their proprietary Extended Sound Environment technique. No headphones. No overdubs. Pure performance.

  • Fiona Joy | Christmas Joy

    Experience Christmas as you never have before with Fiona Joy’s Christmas Joy, now available in high-resolution downloads. Fiona will calm your senses with this mix of traditional and unusual holiday songs.

    Accompanied by a string orchestra, ethereal vocals and a masterful piano performance can be heard on “Walking in the Air.” The Australian native incorporates traditional didgeridoo and percussion into a fresh rendition of “Jingle Bells.”

    Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records says: "Both in her unique slant on traditional music and in her wonderful original compositions, Christmas Joy is an utterly brilliant creation and a recording of stellar beauty for the season."

    Recorded and mixed to 96kHz 24-bit WAV PCM, FLAC and DSD files are available for your convenience.

  • Carole March with Joe Vito | Everything I Love

    Carole March and Joe Vito are legendary musicians in Chicago. Joe was a revered accordion player and pianist who accompanied Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Carole sang at Pavarotti's 50th birthday party. In a tribute to their love, they put an album of songs together with some of Chicago's finest musicians. Sadly, shortly after the recordings were complete Joe passed away.

    We were honored to remix two of these wonderful pieces from the 2" tape to DSD 256 and provide as much dynamic range as possible showing off Carole's sultry yet powerful voice. If you like Take Five, "While We're Young" is an amazing arrangement of A Capella vocals transcribed from Joe's piano performances while Carole sings a passionate lead. You'll feel chills as the song nears its climatic peak. Howard Levy provides a harmonica solo to complete the sound. In "I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life", Joe provides the piano accompaniment with a jazz ensemble and string quartet backing Carole's dynamic vocal performance.

  • The Fry Street Quartet | Joseph Haydn String Quartets

    Many of you know Ray Kimber for his most excellent and awesome cable company, Kimber Kable. You might not know about the fine work Ray does as an audio engineer and microphone designer for surround sound with his company IsoMike. We are pleased to announce the first in a series of DSD downloads from IsoMike with the introduction of this fine recording of Haydn String Quartets.

  • New Esterházy Quartet | Quatuor Hongrois

    Many of you will recognize the New Esterházy Quartet from their earlier release of Haydn string quartet performed on period instruments. Among the four string players they also shared a love for the Hungarian folk stylings. This collection is a wonderful performance that describes the 1785 miles from the Black Forest to the Black Sea—-a pleasant ride down the Danube, composed by romantic Imre Szekely.

    Most interesting is the use of guts strings and the unique sonic quality this brings to the sound of the violins, viola and cello. The performance was captured by recording engineer, Lolly Lewis, in high resolution audio in front of a live studio audience. Lolly recorded the music to 88.2/24 and we have converted to various formats for your convenience.

  • Stephen McQuarry Trio | Azure

    Azure is a continuum of the traditional jazz piano trio. A set of 10 originals by Stephen McQuarry, who is teamed with bassist Ted Burik and drummer Greg German, performing fresh voicings, solos, and full of subtle surprises.

  • Jake Schepps Quintet | Entwined

    For a fresh perspective on traditional bluegrass music, try Jake Schepps. These are some of the first ever commissioned long-form works for the five-piece bluegrass string band written by classical composers. After grappling with composing for Jake’s banjo they proceeded to design this lovely combination of rambling blue grass and hauntingly ‘atmospheric’ music. This unique project includes some of today's leading players in the genre -- Matt Flinner (mandolin), Ryan Drickey (violin), Ross Martin (guitar), Eric Thorin (double bass) and Jake on banjo.

    The music was recorded in 88.2 WAV and mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering.

  • The Driftless | Long For The Dory

    The Driftless first came to Blue Coast Studios in 2013 with banjo, guitars, and acoustic bass as a quartet with folksy harmonies and bluegrass overtones. They were young scientists as well as musicians. You'll hear clever lyrics that entwine both worlds. Their roles as scientists would eventually take the band to different parts of the country and this would be their last recording as a quartet.

    Recorded to 2" analog tape and mixed in DSD64, Long For The Dory was released on their own independent label.

  • The Driftless | A Love No Less

    Following their 2013 release Long For The Dory, Megan and Blair of The Driftless brought 3 new pieces into the studio showcasing their Americana folk blend of acoustic guitar, banjo and beautiful vocal harmonies. Even though both women have PhD's in biology, they still manage to perform live and write new music.

    Recorded live at Blue Coast Studios direct to DSD with no headphones and no overdubs.

  • Paul Horn | The Sound of Paul Horn

    As Miles Davis simply puts it, “Watch out for Paul!”. You'll be reminded of Dave Brubeck in Paul's compositions. This is jazz in the classical sense. The Sound of Paul Horn, made in 1961, was originally released in mono on vinyl. As stereo came into prominence the original recording was remixed and re-released in 1969 as a stereo master. For those of you that have a 'mono' switch you can hear the difference between the two mixes. Keep in mind, the early days of stereo were extreme in their presentation of stereo. The Sound of Paul Horn is a wonderful part of recording history and lets us know how far we've evolved since then. The album was digitized from 1/4" reels to DSD128 at Paul Stubblebine's studio under the direction of Blue Coast Crew.

  • Paul Horn | Inside The Taj Mahal

    Paul Horn is a founding father of world and new age music. Inside the Taj Mahal was literally recorded inside the majestic world wonder in 1968. Horn's mastery of the flute and soprano saxophone resonate with the natural reverb of the hall that reaches right into the human soul. Horn's tantric tones are augmented by ancient Hindi-inspired chants on "Jumna," "Mumtaz Mahal," and "Vibrations." This unique recording will transport you back in time and across the world with incredible detail-- you can even hear the mosquitos that were present on that moonlit night.

    Digitized from 1/4" analog tape masters direct to DSD128 in our own state of the art facility, we chose to follow the original vinyl release as the guide for our downloads.

  • Paul Horn | Profile of a Jazz Musician

    A Classic Recording Only Available in DSD Here!

    As Miles Davis simply puts it, “Watch out for Paul!”. You'll be reminded of Dave Brubeck in Paul's compositions. This is jazz in the classical sense. This recording made in 1961 was originally released in mono on vinyl. As stereo came into prominence the original recording was remixed and re-released in 1969 as a stereo master. For those of you that have a 'mono' switch you can hear the difference between the two mixes.

    We are the only distribution outlet that has this album in DSD. We digitized from 1/4" reels to DSD128 using our proprietary techniques.

  • Mary Fineman | You and Me

    Mary's piano playing reveals a strong background of classical training, reminiscent of Franz Schubert, while her vocal melodies dance around like the musical theatre work of Stephen Sondheim. Her honest and intimate lyrics stem from personal experience, stories that are presented with such passion and vulnerability that the listener feels as if Mary is speaking directly to her or himself. "I have taken on a certain responsibility in writing music," she explains. “Even though I write music that tells personal and specific stories, I try to paint on a canvas that is large enough and open enough for people to put their own stories. I want to include whoever needs to be included. That is still my goal."

  • Gregory James | Cult of Beauty

    Valence Record's founder Gregory James teamed up with Kai Eckhardt and his band for this electrified instrumental jazz album. Described as "deliciously funky" and reminiscent of Miles Davis' best drummers, Deszon Claiborne lays down a solid beat for the rest of the group to jam to. Greg's tasteful guitar melodies will take your breath away.

    Recorded live to 2" analog tape by Cookie Marenco, Cult of Beauty is a special treat for all music lovers.

  • Gregory James Band | Reincarnation

    Urban groove, Folk, Brazilian percussion and classic jazz, this music threads together the sounds of where the gypsies traveled with a modern urban sound. Mixing saz and saxophone, vinyl, violin and voice. Produced by Kai Echkhardt, bassist with John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham and Garage Mahal.

  • Nikki Borodi | The Solo Sessions

    The Solo Sessions is a collection of songs about love. Not always happy, sometimes sad, but always real encounters we all face. "Come Get Lost With Me" begins with a simple ukulele riff and takes you on a journey of a stranger finding another lost soul while wandering the streets of an unknown land. In "I Can't Breathe" Nikki expresses the sense of longing for a love that is not near. The dark melody of the piano combined with the expressiveness of her voice is heart wrenching truth.

  • Barry Shulman & Gregory James | Tibet

    "This recording weaves together a pastoral suite of flute and guitar duets. "A fine guitarist whose playing is reminiscent of Pat Metheny in its ringing melodies and pastoral harmonies. James is also an interesting linear improviser in straight-ahead contexts. His albums... tread between jazz and internationalist 'new age' music idioms."

    — San Francisco Bay Guardian

  • Gregory James with Kai Eckhardt | The Search

    Famenco blanca guitar and piccolo bass intertwined. Freedom to wander... to make use of the line. Bass Frontiers' stamp of approval: 'open, crystallized sound'. Gregory James and Kai Eckhardt effortlessly meet, with staccato guitar and lyrical bass, they become one.

  • Emily Palen | Glass: Live at Grace Cathedral

    Recorded live to DSD at San Francisco's majestic Grace Cathedral, Glass is a fully improvised "on the spot" solo work of art. Energy is essential to Emily Palen's personal character. This is crystal clear in her musical work as a composer and violinist-- it's what really makes this recording special. The cathedral beautifully reflects every moment, even the street cars passing by outside are captured in the overall image and in the music itself.

  • Emily Palen | Creation

    Violinist Emily Palen knows how to enthrall her audience armed only with her composition, performance and passion. Her music is full of subtle intricacies over a full dynamic range. DSD was the perfect medium to capture every detail. Creation is one of those albums where you will hear something new every time you listen. Emily's performance is a piece of art in it's own right, Cookie Marenco brings it to the next level with her own art of producing and recording high resolution audio.

  • Gregory James | Alphabet Town

    Alphabet Town is a fiery jazz-rock recording that won critical acclaim in 1983. It drew a cult following to the Gregory James band, a quartet of electric and acoustic guitars, wind instruments, bass and drums. This recording was re-mixed from the original 2" tape masters by Cookie Marenco in 2005. She transferred the 1/4" tape master to double DSD.

  • Gregory James | Ananda

    Paul McCandless and Ron Miles infuse the melodies created by James' growling frets, morphing into new shapes and outcomes. Open spaces and full harmonic interludes. Produced by Cookie Marenco

  • Gregory James | Traveler

    James’ jagged phrasing contrasts with producer Kincaid Miller’s polished compositional structure. With Miller’s keyboard, Gary Brown’s bass and Mark Russo’s alto sax, James’ melodic improvisation responds to and lives within a harmonious musical whole.

  • Gregory James Band | Come To Me

    From turntables to tabla, this album fuses a wide range of musical influences into a hypnotic groovy sound. With its touches of trip hop and spoken word, Come To Me pushes the boundaries of jazz into new realms. Come To Me was produced by Benny Reitveld, bassist for Santana.

  • Gregory James Quartet | Samsara

    Samsara is an intimate jazz recording with flamenco overtones. Gregory’s compositions feature the sound of his hand made acoustic instruments recorded with detail and precision for the audiophile ear.

  • The Valence Project

    Many people have asked why we don't release more music of a pop or R&B genre in high resolution. The answer is because it's very difficult to find productions in this genre that rise to our standards. The Valence Project was recorded in our studios for Valence Records. We know the history of the recording.

    With musicians like Brain (drummer for Tom Waits, Primus and Guns N Roses), Gregory James (founder and guitarist for Valence Records), Melissa Reese (outstanding young vocalist and composer) and combining the talents of our Blue Coast crew you get a unique twist on electronic R&B. If you like Daft Punk and are adventurous, you'll probably enjoy this recording. Originally recorded to 2" tape, manipulated on all kinds of computers and mixed to DSD64 on the Sonoma System.

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