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Moonrise Meditation

8:57 Ananda

Morning Mist

10:23 Ananda

Ocean Breathing

12:24 Ananda

About Ananda:
Styled on the Indian Classical music tradition, we use the violin, guitar, tabla, and crystal bowls to create meditative soundscapes that will soothe and inspire you. We've called our debut album "Listening" to highlight the sense of deep listening out of which our improvisations emerge.

Raji Malik has been playing guitar for over 30 years and has come to the realization that music has infinite possibility so he can never be anything but a beginner. Raji blends percussive fingerstyle techniques and Indian sitar sensibilities to create a style that is unique and hypnotic.

Joseph Arnold is a violinist and Alexander Technique teacher. In addition to Ananda, Joseph plays with Irish rock band The Birmingham Six, and gypsy jazz band The Hot Club of Philadelphia.

Radha Gopinath das Marinelli began playing drums spontaneously at the age of 3. Since then he has pursued his love of music and percussion with various groups in the Philadelphia area, including Spoken Hand, One, and Ananda.

Zoana Gepner-Muller uses her crystal singing bowls to share love and joy and to elicit a kind of listening that opens to expansion, harmony, and well-being.

Mood Description:
Meditative, spiritual, atmospheric