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Blue Coast All-Star Jam

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Blue Coast All-Star Jam

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# Play Song Title Duration Performers

Rolling In The Deep

5:53 Melissa Reese

You Don't Like My Groove

6:16 Keith Greeninger


3:21 Tony Furtado

Lonesome John

5:53 Tony Furtado

The Drone of the San Lorenzo

4:15 Chris Lynch

What happens when you put 6 of your favorite artists in a studio, who have never met before and all they have in common is knowing the producer?

Blue Coast All-Star Jam! It's a amazing what you can do in a day with great musicians.

Don't be alarmed if you hear the sound of tape rolling up in the beginning, count offs and false starts. We wanted the listener to experience the studio as if they were in the contol room. With enough requests, we may edit these details out, but for now, you're experiencing the recording day with us.

Not to be missed-- Melissa Reese sounding spectacular singing a rootsy version of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep". You may not recognize this hypnotic version arranged by producer/engineer Cookie Marenco. Keith Greeninger sings subtle background vocals while Tony Furtado (slide guitar) and Chris Lynch (violin) provide melodic twists and turns. Chris Kee (bass) and Brain (our favorite percussionist) lay down a trance like bottom end and rhythm. Get ready to hit 'endless repeat'.

The second song, "You don't like my groove" is written and performed by Keith Greeninger with the rest of the musicians jammin' along to Keith's guitar. The next 3 songs are instrumentals written by Tony Furtado and Chris Lynch that will knock your socks off.

Not a bad day in the studio! Let us know what you think!

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Heavy folk full of dark tones and bluesy influences