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Happy Valley Volume 2

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Happy Valley Volume 2

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer Performers

Peace Piece

4:50 Bill Evans Art Alm

The Summer I Stayed Home

3:34 Amanda West, Pete Solomon Amanda West, Pete Solomon

I Have Yet To Be

3:40 DJ Higdon DJ Higdon

Caves at Calderon

4:50 Larry Diehl Larry Diehl

Mask and Gun

2:43 DJ Higdon DJ Higdon

So Does Love

4:15 Amanda West, Pete Solomon Amanda West, Pete Solomon

Close To The Soul

4:27 Larry Diehl Larry Diehl

Brighter Day

3:10 DJ Higdon DJ Higdon


4:21 Amanda West, Pete Solomon Amanda West, Pete Solomon

Gentle Soul

4:54 Larry Diehl Larry Diehl

I'm Calling

3:38 DJ Higdon DJ Higdon

Into The Mystic

5:06 Van Morrison Keith Greeninger, Art Alm

The long awaited final set from Happy Valley is now available. Happy Valley is Keith Greeninger's studio deep in the Santa Cruz mountains that hides in the redwood trees and flocks of birds. It's a magical place for musicians to perform. In 2013 we brought a remote DSD recording unit to the studio. Keith supplied the musicians, most of whom we had never met. We were overwhelmed by their musicianship and authenticity when performing. This must have been what Alan Lomax felt like recording folk music of his generation. A truly magical day. We've purposely left some of the conversation before and after the songs in so that you can experience the day along with us. The audience was a mix of our own crew, a video crew, the other musicians, and a few interested local friends. This wasn't a concert - it was an experience of sharing ideas, spontaneity and musical twists and turns. It's not perfect, but it's definitely inspired. Enjoy!