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Blue Coast Collection 3

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Blue Coast Collection 3

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer Performers

Johnny Colorado

2:34 Meghan Andrews Meghan Andrews


4:56 James Taylor John R. Burr

Angeline The Baker

2:59 Stephen Foster Tony Furtado

Wicked Game

4:23 Chris Isaak Jenna Mammina, Rolf Sturm

Rolling In The Deep

6:04 Adele, Paul Epworth Blue Coast All-Stars

Feeling Sunshine

2:27 Fiona Joy Hawkins Fiona Joy Hawkins

You Were Always On My Mind

5:48 Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson Derek Jones


4:08 Jenner Fox Jenner Fox

I Will Walk

4:13 Garett Brennan Garett Brennan


6:06 Traditional Alex de Grassi

In Blue Coast Collection 3, Cookie Marenco has again shown her peerless ability to go cherry picking amongst her deep reservoir of great music, exquisitely recorded, and assemble a sampler that you’ll want to revisit often. This is another chance for the pure enjoyment of having Cookie as your guide and these artists as the all-star attractions on the tour.

“Johnny Colorado” is a clever walk through a limited relationship to a depiction of an ideal one. Meghan Andrews sings it wistfully, as it deserves in this clean and skillful performance with only guitar accompaniment.

The familiar story in “You Were Always On My Mind” gets a beautiful reading from Jenna Mammina’s exquisite expression, skillful phrasing and sure dynamics.

“Shenandoah” is a song so compelling that playwright Eugene O’Neill’s first description of the song states that more than any other it "holds in it the brooding rhythm of the sea." In Alex de Grassi’s performance, we hear a confident and powerful interpretation with the depth, textures and the sonic layers of a special harp guitar (called a Sympitar) over a gently surging drone figure.  

Blue Coast Collection 3 was recorded with the proprietary recording technique called E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment), developed in the early 2000’s by legendary recording engineers Cookie Marenco and Jean-Claude Reynaud. E.S.E recordings go directly to DSD or analog tape while musicians perform live in the studio without the use of headphones or overdubs. Hand-made cables, modified preamps and carefully chosen microphones are also part of the recording requirements.  Most importantly, the musicians are in the same room, positioning themselves to hear each other without headphones. You will find E.S.E recordings only on the Blue Coast Records label.

-by Harold Fethe​

Meghan Andrews "Johnny Colorado" from Just Let Go
Tony Furtado "Angeline The Baker" from Special Event 22
Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm "Wicked Game" from Special Event 37
Blue Coast All-Stars "Rolling In The Deep" from All-Star Jam
Fiona Joy "Feeling Sunshine" from Into The Mist
Derek Jones featuring Jenna Mammina "You Were Always On My Mind" from Run With Me
Jenner Fox "Francine" from Jenner Fox
Garett Brennan "I Will Walk" (previously titled "Hold My Hand") from Special Event 26
Alex de Grassi "Shenandoah" from Special Event 19
John R. Burr "Mexico" from the Moonlight Ladies sessions

Meghan Andrews: Guitar and Voice
Tony Furtado: Guitar
Jenna Mammina: Voice
Rolf Sturm: Guitar
Melissa Reese: Voice
Chris Kee: Bass
Keith Greeninger: Voice
Chris Lynch: Violin
Fiona Joy: Piano
Derek Jones: Bass
John R. Burr: Piano
Jenner Fox: Guitar and Voice
Garett Brennan: Guitar and Voice
Jon Neufeld: Guitar
Alex de Grassi: Sympitar