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Blue Coast Collection 5

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Blue Coast Collection 5

Live In The Studio
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# Play Song Title Duration Composer Performers


3:19 Traditional Eamonn Flynn

Room Above The Ocean

3:40 Garett Brennan Garett Brennan

Little Brother

6:28 Joanne Hogg Joanne Hogg


4:28 David Paich, Jeff Porcaro John R. Burr

Oh Susanna

2:07 Stephen Foster Art Lande

Peggy O

5:09 Traditional Tony Furtado

Strange and Beautiful

4:42 Kim Oliver, Matthew Nicholas Hales Meghan Andrews

Blue Dream

3:01 Fiona Joy Hawkins Fiona Joy Hawkins

Into The Mystic

4:47 Van Morrison Keith Greeninger


3:40 Johnny Mercer Jenna Mammina

The album includes the 2021 “Best of Amazon Jazz” song - Dream - performed by Jenna Mammina and Matt Rollings. Also includes a remarkably new mix of Keith Greeninger performing the Van Morrison classic, Into the Mystic. From sensitive to powerful, Keith always conveys the message and passion of the song. Other artists on the album include fan favorites Fiona Joy Hawkins, Joanne Hogg, Mads Tolling and John R Burr along with several others.

What makes a collection album different than just streaming the tracks on a playlist?

When we create a collections, we master, remix, edit so that the songs flow like an album. Subtles changes in volume, eq for maximum enjoyment the entire length of the album. Songs you may not have noticed on the artists own album take on a new life. Alternate takes that offer something specials are sometimes used.

If you’re looking for one album to play for your audiophile society or at the next audio convention, one collection can tell a lot quickly about how systems handle different instruments and voices.

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