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More Dayan

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Wait For The Change

4:48 Dayan Kai

There Is A Fountain

4:57 Dayan Kai

Run Away and Feel Fine

4:10 Dayan Kai

Hey We Didn't Need It

3:32 Dayan Kai

College Try

4:25 Dayan Kai

Dayan Kai is a confident, versatile singer with energy and commitment. He’s also a multi-instrumentalist with so many skill sets, albums, festivals, musical theater productions and collaborations that it takes a single-spaced page just to describe them at His collaborations with Keith Greeninger are notable for memorable performances featuring expressive harmony-singing with Keith and tight, propulsive guitar by both of them.

On this album, More Dayan, each song declares its intention and sets the story into motion within just a few beats.

"Wait for the Change" describes a relationship full of hope. Don’t let them hurt you. Just believe in what is ours.  We may not be there yet but we’ll get there if we stick together—a classic story of trust and devotion.

"There is a Fountain" casts the image of the fountain as the source of movement and change in this lyrical journey.

Dayan adapts and steps up to a range of introductions, storytelling styles and ensembles. Regardless of the context and the range of sonic textures, he provides the voice that immediately seems just right for the emotions and storyline of the song.

by Harold Fethe