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Special Event 14

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Special Event 14

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When You Know

3:24 Dayan Kai

Waitin' On A Train

3:16 Dayan Kai

The Meaning of the Dream

4:43 Dayan Kai

Thanks For All The Things You Do

3:36 Dayan Kai

That's What Makes You Strong

5:15 Jesse Winchester

In this collection, we see strong solo performances from bluesy folk singer-songwriter Dayan Kai.

Dayan chooses several playing styles for his guitar and fits them to each lyric. His strong and certain vocals are linked inseparably to his skillful playing and the song itself always comes through with brilliant energy and clarity.

Dayan’s songwriting is sincere, conveying his observations and feelings with passion and energy. Whether it’s the big old world and its baffling problems or appreciation of a loving relationship, you can tell that he’s singing about things that have deep meaning for him.

E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment) is a proprietary recording technique where all musicians are performing live without use of headphones or overdubs and recording with specified recorded gear.  

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Blusey folk singer-songwriter