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The Irish Channel

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The Irish Channel

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Thugamar Féin An Samhradh Linn

2:40 Traditional

Brón da Bahia

2:47 Eamonn Flynn

Muirsheen Durkin

4:21 Traditional

Good For Your Soul

3:50 Eamonn Flynn

Plenty Of Time

4:10 Eamonn Flynn, Jen Triano

May Oblong

5:08 Eamonn Flynn

Forró in the Rain

4:08 Eamonn Flynn

At Last Our Time Is Here

3:37 Eamonn Flynn

The Irish Channel

3:07 Eamonn Flynn

St. Brigid's Day

4:49 Eamonn Flynn

The Irish Channel is one of the earliest albums to receive re-mastering via an extensive Blue Coast Music process called Systems for Exceptional Audio (SEA). SEA is a complex series of expert engineering steps that restore dynamic range and optimize the audio for high resolution playback. 

Eamonn Flynn’s album title reveals the heart of a proud and accomplished Irish musician. His composing, singing and piano playing reveal some great ideas about what makes a song reach you and he turns in a soulful, strong, committed delivery on each and every performance.

"St. Brigid’s Day"  (Lá Fhéile Bhríde, Saint Brigid's Feast Day) is the inspiration for a soulful observance of a spring feast that harks back to the pagans, symbolizes the renewal of life, and is celebrated for the Christian Saint Brigid with simple cross symbols made from rushes tied together.

"At Last Our Time Is Here" continues with a confident and moving performance of a poignant original.

"May Oblong" is an affectionate and respectful portrait of a famous Irish madam whose legend even made its way into James Joyce’s great novel, Finnegan’s Wake. This composition captures both the poignant and defiant sides of the lives of women we now call sex workers. Listen to this and you’ll want to read about this proud and provocative woman.

The Irish Channel is a great example of stand-and-deliver musicianship. Flynn performs his own material, both thoughtful and passionate, with strong self-accompaniment on acoustic piano. You’ll surely pick up some energy from this album.

by Harold Fethe