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Story of Ghosts

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Story of Ghosts

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Song for Dunnie

3:35 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Before the Light

5:31 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Story of Angels

4:48 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Contemplating (Solo)

5:31 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Blue Dream (Solo)

3:12 Fiona Joy Hawkins

The Solo Tango

5:11 Fiona Joy Hawkins

The White Light

3:35 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Story of Ghosts

3:27 Fiona Joy Hawkins


3:41 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Story of Insanity

2:52 Fiona Joy Hawkins

New Age artist Fiona Joy brings many gifts and skills to her solo piano performance of the title song on Story of Ghosts.

Your mind will fill in the pictures as you take the ride. With skill and confidence, she sets the mood with a minor melody, then adds upper harmony and begins altering the pace gently.  In a bit over three minutes, she has you imagining downstairs and upstairs, unexplained sounds, sad ghosts making their nightly visits.

Then, “Story of Angels” provides a companion piece with just enough changes to the harmony and tempo to signify a different kind of spirit-being.

Elsewhere in the album, Fiona creates portraits of “The White Light,” a “Blue Dream,” and “The Solo Tango.”

Story of Ghosts was recorded in DSD256 using an improved system of cabling that was not available until this recording. You'll hear the clarity of the piano as if you were sitting behind the keyboard, as Fiona Joy brings forth its many moods and sound textures.

What I appreciated most was being able to listen and watch Fiona at the piano. The passion and elegance in her performance was breathtaking, as her flawless technique combined with pure emotional expression.

        -- Music Reviewer Michael Diamond

One of the brightest lights in contemporary instrumental music, Fiona Joy is poised to move into stardom.

         -- Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records

2017 With Angels: Annette (Dunnie) Crossley, With Admiration: Nicholas Hawkins, Felicity Marco. With Thanks: Ben Hawkins, Sebastian Gross, Mum & Dad, The Weltys. With Dedication: Peter Gross, Annette (Dunnie) Crossley.

Mood Description:
Contemplative and rich solo piano
Fiona Joy Hawkins