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Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel - Enchantment - Cover Image


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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Enchantment (Duet Version)

2:42 Fiona Joy Hawkins, Rebecca Daniel

Mountains Ablaze (Duet Version)

5:23 Rebecca Daniel

Midnight Sky (Duet Version)

2:15 Fiona Joy Hawkins, Rebecca Daniel

Water Lilies (Duet Version)

5:17 Fiona Joy Hawkins, Rebecca Daniel

Uncertainty (Duet Version)

5:13 Rebecca Daniel

The Gift

4:20 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Gymnopédie (Duet Version)

6:04 Erik Satie

The Curse (Duet Version)

4:55 Fiona Joy Hawkins, Rebecca Daniel

Sarah's Theme (Duet Version)

3:59 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Enchantment, the latest project from pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins and violinist Rebecca Daniel, follows in the musical footsteps of the duo’s previous collaborations, Heavenly Voices and To The Wind. Like those prior releases, this new project once again finds Fiona and Rebecca working with Bay Area based label, Blue Coast Records & its founder Cookie Marenco. As a producer and engineer, Marenco is well known for her audiophile recordings that utilize E.S.E (Extended Sound Environment) to capture performances that make the listener feel as if they are “in the room” with the artists. This style of recording is a perfect complement for Enchantment’s lovely, impressionistic tracks that owe a debt to both composers like Satie and some of the great impressionist painters. In Enchantment, Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel pay homage to the great impressionist painters and composers. Throughout the album, works and track titles reference these great artists like Satie, Monet, and Van Gogh. The music is as impressionistic and beautiful as the cover photo itself.

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pensive atmospheres