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Mutineer from Blue Coast Collection 2, also see Jenna & Matt's album titled Mutineer!

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3:06 Warren Zevon Jenna Mammina, Matt Rollings

This album is a bundle of uplifting music and acoustic surprises for all listeners--especially for audiophiles.  

Jenna Mammina and Matt Rollings reinterpret rock and pop classics “Mutineer” by Warren Zevon and “Another Grey Morning” by James Taylor with beautiful feeling and open, evocative arrangements.  Luis Perez provides an acoustic performance of “Dust in the Wind,” a Kansas composition that went gold in both recordings and downloads.

Blue Coast favorite Keith Greeninger brings an upbeat and original version of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” And, don’t miss Houston Jones’ “I Found a Heart,” with an artful blend of acoustic guitar and piano.

Blue Coast Collection 2 holds a landmark place as an early example of E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment), a proprietary recording technique where all musicians are performing live without use of headphones or overdubs and recording with specified gear.  

This long anticipated release of Blue Coast Collection 2 will satisfy fans of quality music and transparent sound with its carefully chosen line up of emotionally honest and sonically stunning songs.

All performances were remastered especially for the CD and SACD versions. Some were remixed. Others have never been previously released.

"The release is dedicated to the memory of Jean Marie Reynaud, who I was honored to call a friend."
- Cookie Marenco

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