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Twice as Lonely from Jenner Fox's Buffalo in 4 different resolutions for testing your system's playback.  Formats included in the Free Download are 4416-WAV, 9624-FLAC, DSD128 and DSD256.

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Twice as Lonely


Jenner Fox has recently returned from his travels to Chile as a river raft guide. He puts his care for the environment and life of adventure into his songs.

For this album, Jenner again wanted to work at Blue Coast Studios with Cookie Marenco producing and recording basic tracks live to DSD. Some songs were later moved to tape to add additional instruments.

Jenner's core group of musicians includes a wildly talented young acoustic bass player from Austin, Hans Bilger and drummer/percussionist Brain (Bryan Mantia) whose extraordinary playing has led him to touring and recording with Tom Waits, Guns N Roses and Primus to name a few.

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contemporary folk style