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Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes - Garett Brennan, rehearsal Hold My Hand


Hold My Hand

4:04 Garett Brennan

Room Above The Ocean

3:40 Garett Brennan

Clawfoot Tubs

2:45 Garett Brennan

Behind the Scenes debuts with...

Behind the Scenes debuts with Garett Brennan rehearsing the song "Hold My Hand" with musicians Jon Neufeld (guitar) and Chris Lynch (violin) from Special Event 26 on Blue Coast Records.  Experience musicians coming together in the studio and collaborating on how the arrangement might best suit the song.  You'll hear the song take shape as Chris Lynch (first time meeting Garett and Jon) is introduced to the music. 

The slow, relaxed pace of the session will allow you to be engaged in other activities whether you listen on headphones, in your car, working on your computer or cooking a meal.  Some of you may listen as if you're the in the control room of the studio. Imagine yourself in the shoes of producer / engineer Cookie Marenco as she listens and makes suggestions after several versions of the song were performed.  

Decide for yourself if you would have made the same choice and suggestions.  For those more adventurous, edit your own version for the song and submit it to us at

The upbeat, relaxed and intimate atmosphere is reflected in the final version of the piece (which is not fully included in the rehearsals).  The final version of the song (along with 2 other songs from the session) are included as fully mixed pieces for your collection of high resolution music and available as a DSD256 download.  The full album remixed in DSD 256 can be found here.

Recording information -- Produced by Cookie Marenco for Blue Coast Records Special Event 26.  Recorded, mixed and master by Cookie Marenco with assistance from Patrick O'Connor, Digital operator at the recording and Sean Beresford at the remix sessions.  Recorded at OTR Studios in E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment).  E.S.E. recordings are live without the use of headphones or overdubs.  

Microphones used are AKG 414, Neumann U-67, Neumann U-87, KM 184

Cables used are proprietary Blue Coast Cables.

Preamps used are Millennia Media and Neve

Instruments Garett Brennan: 2000 Martin HJ-28, Jon Neufeld: Sullivan arch top.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Cookie Marenco
ESE LogoExtended Sound Environment (E.S.E.)
Asst. Engineers: Patrick O'Connor, Tim Jones

Garett Brennan: Guitar and Voice
Jon Neufeld: Guitar and Voice
Chris Lynch: Violin

Mood Description:
Earthy vocals accompanied by bluesy acoustic guitar