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Huckleberry Tree

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Huckleberry Tree

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Hard Up Babe

5:37 Garett Brennan

Hellgate Row

5:24 Garett Brennan

Joy Sweet Joy

6:06 Garett Brennan

Hospital Halls

5:07 Garett Brennan

Rye Whiskey Tea

5:37 Garett Brennan

My Sweet Country

5:01 Garett Brennan

Too Old to Dream

5:14 Garett Brennan

Huckleberry Tree

4:47 Garett Brennan

There's a sound that comes out of the mountains and valleys of the USA that is a unique combination of rock, bluegrass, and country that is different from Nashville. The lyrics and sound have their own twist. It comes from the Rocky Mountains, stretches to the Portland Pacific Ocean and down to the laid back redwoods of Santa Cruz.

Garett Brennan is one of those extraordinary songwriters that makes use of his travels and views of the world. His voice and lyrics are a cross between Bon Iver and Tom Waits with the addition of drums, horn section and background vocals. Garett puts full heart and soul into this wonderful album.