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Songs We Like

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Songs We Like

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“…one of the best pure trio recordings of the year” – Audiophile Audition

“Creative and successful. A+” –

# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Living in the Past

4:48 Ian Anderson

Catch A Star

4:20 Colin Hay

If 6 Was 9

4:09 Jimi Hendrix

Evening in the Country

3:37 Bela Bartok

Ten Years Gone

6:46 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

King of the World

4:46 Walter Becker and Donald Fagen

Passacaglia, From the Daughters of Zeus, Urania

3:42 JCF Fischer

Spirits in the Material World

3:34 Sting

What Is and What Should Never Be

4:49 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

The Hazelrigg Brothers seem to have been born for sound.

Trained in classical music and jazz, performing together for decades, manufacturing and marketing high-end audio gear for D.W. Fearn, managing their home recording studio for themselves and others…

Describing this album, Songs We Like, they say they “the piano trio format achieves an alternate aesthetic for these songs, which continue to resonate with us and with so many people.”

Resonate, indeed. The deep groove they found for Jimi Hendrix’s “If 6  Was 9” is full of energy and entertaining surprises. With energetic interaction among the strings, piano and percussion, this track is full of energy and entertaining surprises.

And for a demonstration of the breadth of their taste and skill, check out the energy they infuse into “Passacaglia, From the Daughters of Zeus, Urania.” It’s a long title but it’s a very brisk and enjoyable ride!

"Songs We Like is exactly what it claims to be; it is a collection of songs (or "pieces,” in the cases of Bartok and Fischer) that have a unique connection to our past and influence on our musicality. Each has steadily remained a relevant part of the musical landscape. What has changed is our perspective. Culture evolves, as do our own senses and tastes, but the melodies remain the same. It is for us to translate them into something congruent with our current ideals and lifestyles. Whereas we used to be a common sight in the rock clubs of Philadelphia and New Jersey, the din of guitar amps and smell of stale beer don't have the same allure they once did. One must imagine that this holds true for many who have been lifelong fans of Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin. We have chosen the piano trio format to achieve an alternate aesthetic for these songs, which continue to resonate with us and with so many people." – Hazelrigg Brothers

“The recorded sound is expertly shaped around the trio and the excellent soli so that it is impossible not to be knocked out by the sheer creative firepower of each artist as well as by a recording that meets every demand of the audiophile in the capture and delivery of this music” – World Music Report

“…the group has searched for—and found—a process of recording that captures to perfection the experience of hearing a piano trio in the real world—warm and interactive, organic, the bass embracing drums like it does from the seat in one of the front rows of a small jazz club, with the piano dancing inside that musical abrazo, on this highly-engaging debut” – All About Jazz 

"I can’t recommend this album highly enough and I hope to see the Hazelrigg brothers live on the European stage’s sooner rather than later.” – Jazz in Europe


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Piano, bass and drum interpretations of classic songs