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Are You Ready for Immersive Sound? Want to know more?

Immersive Sound has become the 'catch all' phase to describe multiple speaker setups from Quad (4.0) to Surround Sound 5.1 to Dolby Atmos to Auro-3D 11.1. The technology is moving quickly and the tools to create these playback formats are not inexpensive to install -- both professionally or for the consumer. That said, the experience can be truly uplifting.

Having multiple systems to accommodate these formats in one's home is almost impossible. These days a listener can travel between a mono smart speaker from Amazon to a system that has 5 speakers in surround, 5 speakers floating overhead with one speaker in the center. All variations between exist.. too numerous to mention.

A few of us gathered in a secret location to attempt to setup and compare a variety of listener playback systems. It was a near impossibility. That doesn't add to the issues of audio format that range from DSD (from SACD) to 48k PCM to accommodate this multichannel very immersive experiences. And interesting to note, there doesn't seem to be much conversation between the professional audio engineer's setup and the consumer electronic companies selling the gear. In days past, we found consumer speaker manufacturer reversing the phase of the center channel because it was a "fun" listening experience. That said, those audio engineers putting the main vocal in the center channel suddenly found their lead vocalist had disappeared. For the most part, the newer recordings didn't seem to carry as much weight to the center speaker with a lead vocal (we learned the hard way).

During the next few months we will explore more of these playback formats.and welcome your thoughts! Leave your comments below or...
write to us directly if you have a system and want to learn more.