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Discs and Downloads! Buy TWO Get ONE Free!

Buy TWO Get ONE Free Download!
Note: the 'free' album can only be a download at this time.. not a disc... but two discs purchased will qualify for a free download of your choice.

Read below how you can get a free album download! Here's how it works!

1) Purchase two downloads or two discs. The discs purchased must be the same format (SACD or MQD because we ship from different locations).

2) Send us a copy of your receipt and in the subject write FREE ALBUM. Send your requested free albums to support@bluecoastmusic.com

3) In your email please choose the album and format for us to put into your account at no charge. The free download will be of no higher format than the lowest format you have purchase. In other words, if you purchase two 44.1 downloads, you can't asked for a DSD256. You can ask for a 44.1 or 48. If you've purchases SACD or MQD discs, please verify your address within 24 hours and let us know your choice of free download(s).

4) This promotional offer has unlimited use! So if you buy 4 albums, you can request 2 free downloads. (Note: do not purchase 3 album and ask for a reimbursement. We can't do that, but you can buy a 4th album and request 2 free albums).

We will deliver your new free album download within 48 hours if not before. You'll find it in your "Download" folder.

We enjoy hearing your stories and music comments. This is a great time to offer a comment, suggestion or question we might be able to answer.

Stay safe and enjoy your music
Cookie Marenco