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How to pay less and buy more music in DSD!

We have a lot of new music lovers coming to our store to buy DSD and the other formats.  There are some hidden deals you might not know about and you can save quite a bit of money with a few simple things.   Read below to pay less and get more DSD!

1) Make sure to open and read the newsletter.  You will always find a discount coupon available that will give you 25-50% off!  The coupons change each week so make sure you open the most recent newsletter.

2) Buy a Premier membership (and apply the available coupon to save on the annual membership).  Premier gives you a 15% discount automatically on every purchase for at least a year. Complete the Premium purchase before moving on.

3) Check our monthly albums on sale.  Price is already discounted 10%.  Here's our sale page.  **[](**

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