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From Way Up Here

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From Way Up Here

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Close My Eyes

4:22 Judi Jaeger

From The Heart

2:59 Bob Reid

Love Caught Her

4:05 Judi Jaeger


4:31 John Lennon, Yoko Ono

The Times They Are A-Changin'

3:56 Bob Dylan

Barry's Song

3:51 Bob Reid

Lay Me Down Easy

5:10 Kate Wolf

Both Sides Now

5:30 Joni Mitchell

Oh What A Morning

4:21 Bob Reid


4:18 Judi Jaeger

From Way Up Here

3:07 Malvin Reynolds, Pete Seeger

Greedy Crime

4:30 Judi Jaeger

From Way Up Here is an album full of meaningful interpretations. The songs range from Beatles to Bob Dylan to Joni Mitchell.

Judi and Bob have a broad palette for their work. Just between themselves, they play seven instruments. They’re capably joined by Bob Burnett, mandolin and guitar; Jeff Crossley, acoustic bass; Michelle Kwon, cello; Janni Littlepage, piano; Ronny Crawford, drums and percussion; and Michael Capella, dobro and Weissenborn.

Though the duo makes skillful and tasteful use of their collaborators, one of the most attractive things they’ve done on this album is to recast some of the songs to open them up with more spacious tempos. You’ll be surprised how different the familiar narratives sound in “Imagine” and “Both Sides Now.” The original hit versions of these songs were constrained by the format where they appeared. Jaeger and Reid give them a bit more room to breathe, and the resulting narrative is remarkable.

Five-time Grammy-nominated producer Cookie Marenco recorded From Way Up Here to 2” analog tape, then mixed and mastered to DSD, Direct Stream Digital, a high-resolution audio format.

The Audio Beatnik says of this album --

"The debut album for Judi Jaeger and Bob Reid, From Way Up Here, is a lot of things, but most notably, it’s an album from two very accomplished musicians wonderfully recorded, mixed and mastered by Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast Music (formerly OTR Studios). If you haven’t heard of Jaeger & Reid, hopefully, you will get to know them, or at least know their music. They were children of the 60s who grew up in musical families, Jaeger in Canada and Reid in the San Francisco Bay area. In fact, you could say that music is the family business for both of them. Jaeger’s mother played and sang folk music, and her brother played guitar and taught her to play. She remembers listening to Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Barbara Streisand and Gordon Lightfoot in particular. 'I’ve always been influenced by the power that music can have on you, letting you express deep emotions,' Jaeger says."

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