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Jeff Jolly's Pizza

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Jeff Jolly's Pizza

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I'll See Ya

2:58 Jeff Jolly

Summertime In Brooklyn

2:57 Jeff Jolly

This World

3:54 Jeff Jolly

Story of "She Only Loves Me When She's Drunk"

2:01 Jeff Jolly

She Only Loves Me When She's Drunk

3:49 Jeff Jolly

Shed That Skin

3:19 Jeff Jolly

Trip Through Your Wire

3:44 U2


2:21 Jeff Jolly

Beneath The Sun

3:40 Jeff Jolly

Curse And A Blessing

3:11 Jeff Jolly, Desiree Parker

Piece By Piece

3:20 Jeff Jolly


3:04 Jeff Jolly

Hard Times

3:32 Jeff Jolly

From Manhattan to Haight-Ashbury--and everywhere in between.

With an all-star band and unstoppable songwriting talent, Jeff Jolly has rocked his way across the country for over a decade. After years spent drowning out the sounds of a turbulent childhood with radio and resilience, Jeff picked up his first six-string as a teenager. Tossing genre definition to the wayside from his very first creation, "You Can't Play The Blues On A Banjo", Jeff dove into music full force and has never looked back.

After honing his skills on the stages and street corners New York City, Jeff eventually migrated to San Francisco and began collaboration with Desiree Parker (Background Vocals), Dave Fairchild (Bass/Vocals) and Steve Vandewark (Vocals/Drums). In six years together, the Jeff Jolly Band has released three studio compilations and a live album from their headlining debut in Paris. At the root of the band's sound is a dynamic blend of country, rock and blues. From thoughtful ballads to uptempo wit and wordplay, each track features Jeff's signature combination of rhythm and lyrical agility. Nuanced harmonies and biting guitar lines are crafted around messages of life, love and the essence of the environment.

This dance inducing combination has attracted the attention of industry heavyweights. The Jeff Jolly band has garnered national radio airplay, a coveted feature on the hit NBC drama Friday Night Lights, performed at the 40th Anniversary of "The Summer of Love" in Golden Gate Park and regularly headlines music festivals across the country. Jeff's talent and innovation have earned international acclaim with features in Relix Mag, and Album Network Magazine along with stellar reviews from Canadian music sites and Blue Frog Blues Reviews.

Seasoned performance veterans, the band have gigged their way across the globe and rocked crowds up to 60,000 strong. After touring in support of James Brown, David Crosby and other industry icons, the Jeff Jolly Band has developed a dedicated fanbase and continue to light up the Pacific live circuit and beyond.

The group's latest effort, Jeff Jolly's Pizza, has posted impressive independent sales. Featuring intricate harmonies and bold juxtapositions of rock and acoustic style, their latest work has drawn comparisons to Neil Young and My Morning Jacket. They look forward to touring in support of the release and developing licensing platforms for film, television and major media outlets. Standing on the pulse of a rising career, The Jeff Jolly Band is set to reacquaint growing audiences with the sounds of driving Americana and remain true to the spirit of good time rock n roll.