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When I'm Called Home

John R. Burr & Jenna Mammina - When I'm Called Home - Cover Image

When I'm Called Home

(formerly Special Event 10)
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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Bird Alone

5:59 Abbey Lincoln

Down Here Below

5:46 Abbey Lincoln

Not to Worry

5:03 Abbey Lincoln

Should Have Been

5:15 Abbey Lincoln

Talking to the Sun

4:08 Abbey Lincoln

The Music is the Magic

4:39 Abbey Lincoln

The World Is Falling Down

3:34 Abbey Lincoln

Throw It Away

6:08 Abbey Lincoln

When I'm Called Home

4:43 Abbey Lincoln
Jenna Mammina and John R. Burr came to Blue Coast Studios to perform duets to honor legendary singer, Abbey Lincoln. All the songs were composed by Abbey, who was one of Jenna's mentors. Delicate and bright, Jenna's voice is contrasted by John's skillful piano accompaniment. The fullness and depth of these recordings will captivate any listener. "When I'm Called Home" was recorded with no headphones, overdubs or edits. The only thing you will hear is the pure talent and chemistry of Jenna and John.
Mood Description:
Intimate jazz vocals accompanied by piano