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Long Lost Pal

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Long Lost Pal

(formerly Special Event 44)
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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

You Can Call Me Al

3:59 Paul Simon


5:23 Odell Fox, Peter Fox

Waiting Game

4:20 Raph Shapiro

Peter's Song

4:13 Odell Fox, Peter Fox


3:50 Jenner Fox

If I Needed You

3:46 Townes Van Zandt

Cover Me Up

4:38 Jason Michael Isbell

Carolina Pines

3:31 Kate Wolf

Mexican Home

4:02 John Prine

One At A Time

4:22 Jenner Fox


4:32 Jenner Fox

All I Had

3:35 Raph Shapiro

Odell Fox is the collaboration of Jenner Fox and Raphael Odell Shapiro, and it truly is the perfect match. Supported by Jeff Kissell on bass, Lauren Tronick on vocals/violin, and Brain on drums, the Odell Fox chemistry brings the campfire ease to your living room. This is a classic slice of Americana with both up tempo jams and slower, heartfelt ballads. Fox and Shapiro combine for some of the best harmonies around, reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel in their sweetness. The richness of sound as captured by Cookie Marenco’s expert audiophile recording techniques really enhances the emotional depths these two explore. If you close your eyes, you can almost feel yourself in the room with the musicians; it’s that good. There is a great balance of minimal songs where Fox and Shapiro shine brightly through simple acoustic guitars lines and their vocals and bigger sounds accompanied by upright bass, violins, and percussion. The range is crucial to allowing Odell Fox to explore the depths of tender softness and grander euphoria.

The album opener is a refreshing Americana take on Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al.” It starts with a funky bass line and groovy percussion and right away you will be up and out of your seat dancing. The harmonies in the chorus are an absolute treat and will have you dancing with your eyes closed and a smile on your face. “Cover Me Up” is a real slow burner, ebbing and flowing with a swinging feel until it builds to an emotional climax. “Carolina Pines” is a gorgeous a capella song with the help of Lauren Tronick. You’ll want to close your eyes and savor this one. It’s the kind of track you wish could last forever. “Broken” is a gentle tear-jerker where Jenner Fox is at his best. With quiet fingerpicking guitar playing as accompaniment, Fox sings, “Broken and I love you just the same,” and it is enough to make you weep.

Mood Description:
Folksy harmonies and heartfelt lyrics accompanied by acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, and upright bass