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Avec Toi

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Avec Toi

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An amazing album sung in French and performed live in the studio.

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Hallelujah (Alleluia)

6:48 Leonard Cohen


4:53 Joanne Hogg

Dans Tes Rêves

5:32 Joanne Hogg

Le Tendre Baiser

5:38 Joanne Hogg

Avec Toi (Murlough Bay)

5:46 Joanne Hogg

Au Bout Du Monde

5:15 Joanne Hogg

Au-dessus de la tempête

4:14 Joanne Hogg


5:56 Joanne Hogg

Pas de Peur Dans L’Amour

9:38 Joanne Hogg


6:32 Joanne Hogg

For those who want the heart and soul of a performance, Joanne Hogg is the essence of an artist. She traveled from Ireland to record the album at Blue Coast Studios. Three days were planned for recording an album of her songs translated to French along with a beautiful version of Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) which she also translated to French. It's an amazing performance that will stop you in your tracks to listen.

What started as one album turned into 3.. in 3 days. An album in French, a solo piano album and an album in English. Solo piano and voice. That's all that's needed to stop and make you listen. The performances are just that good.

"The chill of the space between, the breath of a human, the call of the wild, the angst of a life well lived. That is Jo." -- Cookie Marenco, producer/founder Blue Coast Records

Coming to California to record at Blue Coast Studios was filled with all the unknowns you could imagine. Jo had never met producer Cookie Marenco, but had an idea to record an album in French. Not only did it include translating her songs into French, this Irish mainlander challenged herself to perform live on the Steinway while singing.

Jo offered one cover song... Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". She sent an iPhone version recorded at midnight translated into French. The producer's first thought was.. it was so good, could we capture that emotion in the studio.

On Jo's arrival in the studio, she tackled this song first and in one take, the first take, she captured everything and more with a stunning performance. There was no need for a second take. Marenco knew it was going to be a great week in the studio!

Jo went on to record the whole album in French in one day. (Which left room for 2 more albums to come later).

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