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In A Moment

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In A Moment

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Irish singer songwriter with a gift for lyrics and extraordinary performance skills on voice and piano.

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In A Moment

4:37 Joanne Hogg

Lay Down

4:13 Joanne Hogg

The Goldilocks Zone

3:54 Joanne Hogg

Irish singer-songwriter, Joanne Hogg has been a musician most of her life. Though singing and playing the piano were her staples, we found out she also played the oboe! In 1989 she co-founded a progressive rock band called, IONA. The band has more than 11,000 followers on Facebook and toured Europe extensively. You can find Jo all through the internet.

Nearly all audiophiles have artists they wish we'd record. It's not everyone that comes to the studio who is a top talent and understands the rigors of performing. When Stephen Hogg (one of our music lovers) suggested that we mix some of his wife's songs, we didn't know what to expect. What we found was an exceptional talent in his wife, Joanne. These songs were recorded in the UK and mixed at Blue Coast Studios through an analog console to DSD256 by our crew, Cookie Marenco and Patrick O'Connor.

We were all thrilled with the outcome and eventually, Jo and Steve flew to California to record. We found Jo to be a musician of exceptional talent. One album turned into three albums recorded and mixed in three days. An artist doesn't accomplish that feat without being a master and Joanne Hogg is a master musician!

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Acoustic Pop, Folk, Contemporary