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At the Feet of Old Bristlecone

Joshua Lowe & the Juncos - At the Feet of Old Bristlecone - Cover Image

At the Feet of Old Bristlecone

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Song for Eliot

5:33 Joshua Lowe


9:18 Joshua Lowe

Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed

3:08 Traditional

Death on the Payment Plan

4:48 Joshua Lowe

Killin' Time

5:03 Joshua Lowe

Snow Began to Fall

7:08 Joshua Lowe

Yesterday's Rain

5:02 Joshua Lowe

Not Sick of Love

5:03 Joshua Lowe

The Juncos is a tight knit trio of acoustic charged roots music. Americana in the truest sense, The Juncos mix together a slew of styles ranging from folk, alt-country, jugband, bluegrass, and old-timey. Their live performances are high energy acoustic explosions of screaming violin solos, three part harmonies, and foot stomping fun. Joshua Lowe (lead singer and songwriter) writes songs with one foot in the American roots past with songs about down and out drunkards, sick of love ramblers, and snow bound ghosts.

This session was recorded live in the studio directly to 2" analog tape without the use of headphones (except for a few overdubs). This style of recording lends itself to a more musical interaction and results in emotionally charged performances combined with superb sonics. Dynamic Mastering is a proprietary mastering technique developed by Cookie Marenco and was used for this project. It uses no compression to create the CD master. The listener may want to TURN UP THE VOLUME to enjoy this record and to hear the full dynamic range without distortion.

Joshua Lowe: lead vocals, guitar, tenor banjo
Jeff Kissel: double bass, harmony vocals
Chris Lynch: violin, mandolin, piano, harmony vocals