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Make It Rain

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Make It Rain

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

That's What Makes You Strong

4:19 Jessie Winchester

Crow on the Cradle

7:32 Sydney Carter

Diamond Mines

5:06 Niki Leahman

Bid You Goodnight

6:24 Traditional

Please Be With Me

4:41 Charles Scott Boyer Jr.

I Can Make It Rain

3:38 Dayan Kai

Friend of the Devil

5:29 Jerry Garcia, John Dawson, Robert Hunter

Thanks for All the Things You Do

3:38 Dayan Kai

Ruby and Rosie

5:53 Keith Greeninger

San Juan Song

5:45 Dayan Kai

Our Lady of the Well

6:05 Jackson Browne

Arsenal of Doves

3:15 Keith Greeninger

Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai sing harmony together with great energy, emotion​ and accuracy. Yet somehow, each voice maintains its distinct, individual timbre. They never get lost in one another. This album’s handpicked songs give Keith and Dayan plenty of musical and dynamic range to stretch out and show what they can do. They use every bit of it. The wry point of view in Joseph Spence’s Bahamian classic Bid You Goodnight; the foreboding images of Crow on the Cradle; the gratitude and humility in That’s What Makes You Strong and Our Lady of the Well—the singers express those moods as if each one was the only goal of the recording. 

Make It Rain has strong interpretive performances, brilliantly recorded. Performed under skillful microphone placement, without earphones, overdubs or edits, the recording has immediacy and spaciousness. Cookie Marenco’s suite of E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment) recording methods captures the duo’s musicianship faithfully and artistically. Don’t miss this one.

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Live acoustic performance by multi-instrumentalist duo