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Special Event 20

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Special Event 20

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Close To The Soul

3:45 Keith Greeninger

Song For Adam

5:55 Jackson Browne

Mercy of the San Joaquin

5:33 Keith Greeninger

Moon Is Shining

4:08 Keith Greeninger

There was no better choice than Keith Greeninger to perform when we recorded to Double DSD for the first time. We journeyed to a recording hideaway deep in the Santa Cruz mountains with our gear -- a minimized version of what we usually use in the studio, limited to 2 mics, 2 Millennia Pre amps, our proprietary cable and 2 channels of Double DSD (Korg m2-2000s).

The Double DSD is amazing, especially when you have a great DAC. We advise those attempting to playback Double DSD for the first time that you ensure your DAC can switch between DSD64 and DSD128 with limited popping. Turn down your volume to speakers to test first.

There's a long way to go for DSD and we thank you for being on this journey with us.

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Acoustic guitar, mandola and powerful vocals