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Lawrence Blatt - Emergence - Cover


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Album Credits: 
Lawrence Blatt, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, acoustic bass, accordion, mandolin;
Lila Sklar, violin, viola;
Charlie Bisharat, violin;
Eugene Friesen, cello;
Sam Bevan, double bass;
Jill Haley, English horn;
Richard "Gus" Sebring, French horn

All Compositions Written by Lawrence Blatt
Produced by Will Ackerman
Recorded at Imaginary Road Studios in Brattleboro, Vermont
and Knob and Tube Studios, San Francisco, California
Digital Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Tom Eaton (Imaginary Road)
Digital Recording by Corin Nelsen (Imaginary Road)
Digital Recording by Gary Mankin (Knob and Tube)
Original Artwork by Lawrence Blatt
# Play Song Title Duration Performers

A Promise in the Woods

1:33 Lawrence Blatt


2:40 Lawrence Blatt

Gare Du Nord

3:24 Lawrence Blatt

Walking Among Tulips

3:10 Lawrence Blatt

Passing Up Bridges

4:26 Lawrence Blatt

Entering the East Gate

4:53 Lawrence Blatt

The Place Where Monarchs Go

4:55 Lawrence Blatt


5:31 Lawrence Blatt

Where the Pines Once Stood

2:23 Lawrence Blatt

Say Hello Again

4:25 Lawrence Blatt


2:20 Lawrence Blatt

Green Corn

3:33 Lawrence Blatt

The natural world is full of complex patterns and seemingly unexplainable order. From the migration patterns of birds and butterflies, to the beauty of an individual snowflake, our world is filled with endless expressions of mathematical complexity. Scientists who study these natural phenomenon have begun to understand the concept that diverse patterns can be derived from simple rules, which often lead to unexpected outcomes. This scientific concept has been given the name, “Emergence” and is now a central theme in the exploration of varied biological, as well as inorganic systems.

I became intrigued by the biological applications of “Emergence” several years ago and I have now utilized the underling tenants of this theory to produce my new musical project entitled, Emergence. For each composition, I wrote the basic guitar part by strictly adhering to musical rules of chord progression and scale theory. For the solo instrumentals that played on the album, no written music was given to individual performers. Instead, I instructed them on the “allowable” movement based on guidance from musical theory and practice. What emerged from this exercise was far greater than I could have ever imagined…

Mood Description:
Acoustic new age guitar accompanied by strings, english horn and french horn
Additional Artists:
Lila Sklar, Charlie Bisharat, Eugene Friesen, Sam Bevan, Jill Haley, Richard