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Materia Prima

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Materia Prima

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Enjoy The Silence

3:49 Martin Gore


3:27 Leonardo De Bernardini


3:24 Leonardo De Bernardini


3:54 Leonardo De Bernardini

Twelve Drops

4:00 Leonardo De Bernardini


4:04 Leonardo De Bernardini


3:04 Leonardo De Bernardini

Leo Z is a man looking for essences.

Guided by emotion and mysticism, propelled by his musical skill and technique, he strives to achieve authenticity in his work. His new album, Materia Prima, is inspired by the Alchemic Method and meant as the efforts to detect the human experience with the lens of both Science And Mysticism.  Interesting to note, most of the titles have a double meaning, depending on who analyzes them.

Leo uses his experience as a soundtrack composer to create a unique soundscape that lends grand dynamic range to Materia Prima.   He first sought out small piano pieces that could serve as a series of stepping-stones, then modified, arranged and orchestrated each to fulfill his vision of the album’s journey.   The arrangements, are chamber music-like and written for a Quintet of piano, double bass, viola, viola II (or violin) and bass flute (or flute)

The album features an appealing reinterpretation of a Depeche Mode classic amidst a palette of Leo Z’s original works.

The album’s guiding metaphor is the human journey of advancement along a spiritual path.  As you listen to these performances, set your imagination free to follow the sounds and experience the range and progression that Leo Z created.

by Harold Fethe