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Live in San Francisco

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Live in San Francisco

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

A flor da Pele (Oh qué será)

4:29 Chico Boarque (De Holanda)

Quiero abrazarte tanto

3:31 Victor Manuel

Amante a la antigua

2:19 Roberto Carlos

Aquarela do Brasil

1:51 Ary Barroso

Corcovado- Garota de Ipanema

4:22 Antonio Carlos Jobim

Dust in the wind (Polvo en el viento)

3:11 Kerry Livgren

No te apartes de mí

4:20 Roberto Carlos

Yo soy

4:53 Piero

La flor de la canela

3:34 Chabuca Granda

Fina estampa

3:34 Chabuca Granda

A voice and a guitar are among the most powerful means of communication that human beings have. In the hands of Luis Perez, the emotional power and impact of that pure sound transcends the superficial barrier of language and touches the human heart in ways words can not describe. The lyricism of his solo guitar rendition of Kansas' Dust in the Wind (Polvo en el viento) captures the beauty of the entire Americas with such poignancy that you won't need Spanish to understand the feelings he expresses in the nine vocal performances that comprise this release.

Recorded live at OTR Studios by Cookie Marenco, using her proprietary Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) technique. Wow!

— Gene Bryan Johnson