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You and Me

Mary Fineman - You and Me - Cover

You and Me

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Ruby's Song

2:59 Mary Fineman

Polar Bear II

2:43 Mary Fineman

Love Song

3:57 Mary Fineman

Teachin' Roses

3:50 Mary Fineman

It's About Love II

4:20 Mary Fineman

A Penny For Your Thoughts

2:59 Mary Fineman

Starting All Over Again

4:07 Mary Fineman

You and Me

4:00 Mary Fineman

Diptych 2, I. The Music of the Cotillion

1:18 Mary Fineman

Diptych 2, II. Faraway Pavilion

3:45 Mary Fineman

Anyday Elegy

3:06 Mary Fineman

Fans of Mary Fineman’s inspired vocal and piano recordings from “Everyday Secrets” or “Solo Piano” will be delighted to hear this latest collection of pieces, “You and Me”. For those who are unfamiliar with Mary’s compositions, it is an excellent introduction to her talent for musical storytelling.

Mary’s piano playing reveals a strong background of classical training, reminiscent of Franz Schubert, while her vocal melodies dance around like the musical theatre work of Stephen Sondheim. Her honest and intimate lyrics stem from personal experience, stories that are presented with such passion and vulnerability that the listener feels as if Mary is speaking directly to her or himself. “I have taken on a certain responsibility in writing music,” she explains. “Even though I write music that tells personal and specific stories, I try to paint on a canvas that is large enough and open enough for people to put their own stories. I want to include whoever needs to be included. That is still my goal.”