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I'm On Fire (Single)

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I'm On Fire (Single)

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I'm On Fire

3:49 Bruce Springsteen

Meghan Andrews is on fire whether she's singing this song or not. 

I mean that from the bottom of my heart and the top of my brain. 

It was my great privilege to meet Meghan and hear her perform shortly after I had written some album notes for her Blue Coast Music recordings.

She is a brilliant interpreter of the music she chooses to perform. Take the first five word-associations you have with "brilliant," stick them in the previous statement, and they will also be true. 

Meghan is a third-generation professional musician. Her knowledge of harmony is at the highest level. Her musicianship on guitar is agile, tasteful and original. But her musical depth hasn't tempted her to play in a way that calls attention to her great virtuosity. It all sounds like "it had to be." 

I could go on. Do yourself a favor and listen to this track.

I'm talking to YOU, Bruce Springsteen!

PS: Don't miss the ending chord.

        --by Harold Fethe

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