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Just Let Go

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Just Let Go

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5:51 Meghan Andrews


6:08 Meghan Andrews

Venus Rising

5:58 Meghan Andrews


4:03 Meghan Andrews

Johnny Colorado

2:31 Meghan Andrews

Waiting Around to Die

5:05 Townes Van Zandt

New York City

4:49 Meghan Andrews

Just Let Go

4:39 Meghan Andrews

Sigh No More

3:27 Meghan Andrews


3:30 Jerry Cantrell

This album marks Meghan's very first collaborative effort with Cookie Marenco. The two met at The West Coast Songwriters convention in Palo Alto where Meghan and bassist Marco Ferrero were asked to perform after winning the yearly competition. In a private meeting with Cookie, Meghan played her the song "Just Let Go" and Cookie burst into tears.  They have been working together ever since.

Just Let Go is an insight into the artist as she traveled across country, relocating from her home town of New York City to the West Coast, and, in a way, arriving at Blue Coast. The haunting ethereal nature of tracks like “Islene” reflect a past she’s left behind, while songs like “99” shine light on a bright and unknowable future. With a lonesome interpretation of “Waiting Around to Die” (Townes Van Zandt) and intricate harmonies in “Would?” (Alice in Chains), Just Let Go is a 10 song collection that packs unique delicacy, sensuality and power.

The intimate recording techniques of Cookie and Blue Coast give a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist like Meghan a rare opportunity to allow her essence to shine. Along with the stellar musicianship of artists like Brain (drums), Chris Lynch (violin) and Al Torre (electric guitar), and the consummate bass lines of long time collaborator Marco Ferrero supporting each song’s intention, Meghan’s poems come alive in this unique sonic realm, encouraging listeners around the globe to let go and dive into an acoustic world like no other.

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Singer-songwriter with layered harmonies, tasteful strings and passionate vocals