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Meghan Andrews - Sneak Peek

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Meghan Andrews - Sneak Peek

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Live-in-the-Studio Recordings featuring Larry Mitchell and Marco Ferrero
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Don't Come Around Here No More

5:29 Tom Petty, Dave Stewart

I Can't Give Everything Away

4:53 David Bowie

Strange and Beautiful

4:41 Matt Hales, Kim Oliver

Meghan Andrews embraces these compositions with skill and feeling.

On Tom Petty's “Don’t Come Around Here No More” the ensemble sets up a pulse and instrumental harmony that match and invoke the mood. Meghan’s vocal is so expressive and beautifully inflected that it seems it should take her full concentration. But, she’s in the band the whole time, playing guitar.

David Bowie wrote “I Can’t Give Everything Away” and Nine Inch Nails covered it.This once-through performance has beautiful, interpretive collaboration among Meghan, Larry Mitchell on electric guitar and Marco Ferrero on bass. 

It may sound as if it got the full studio treatment with punches, overdubs, isolation tracks and all sorts of remixing. Nope. You’ll be surprised and happy to know that virtuosity still carries the day like nothing else. What you hear is exactly what they performed, exactly once.

Sneak Peek was Recorded to DSD256 and produced by Cookie Marenco.

by Harold Fethe

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