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MQD 24k Gold Master Quality Disc Blanks 5 Pack

MQD 24k Gold Master Quality Disc Blanks 5 Pack

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MQD 24K Gold CDs
These gold discs were created to meet our rigorous specifications for high end studio mastering.  MQD stands for Master Quality Disc.  We developed these CDs for use in our own studio for replication of thousands of discs each year both in house and for mass production.  Improved sound, extended life and low error rates help preserve the sound quality for your long term enjoyment.

When used for mastering music, we have noticed an increase of approximately ½ db in volume along with better frequency response and enhanced imaging when compared to our former mastering discs.  We suggest you compare with your regular blank discs by recording the same music on to both and do a blind listening test.  Many of you may not hear the difference, which is fine.  But a few of you will.

If you’re a recording engineer, we strongly suggest using this disc as the final product to be sent to manufacturing for replication as the PMCD.  The temptation will be to use these for all your test discs, which is fine but expensive.  In our studio, we do most of our work with our regular stock and use the MQD only for the PMCD master or for our Collector’s Series MQD Gold discs.

The MQD 24K gold discs are archival quality and meant to last for 300 years.  They are used by the Smithsonian Institute to store historical data.  For best results we suggest 4x, 8x, or 16x for your replication speed depending on your devices.  Slower speeds are not always better and we suggest you start with 8x to test the frequency response.  We also suggest a non-alcohol based permanent ink pen for writing on the disc.  We will be supplying pens specifically for writing on the disc in the near future.

One new feature is our own system of serializing each gold disc.  No two discs will have the same number.  We track who bought the discs directly from us and who worked on the discs.  We also know where our blank discs are being sent.  This is a lot of work, but we hope to create a unique network in the upcoming months using these numbers found on the inner circle of the disc.

Why did we create a better sounding CD? 
Being recording engineers, we are in the privileged position to hear recordings directly from the masters.  It’s no secret that we are often disappointed when we compare what we sent out and how the CDs sound when they are sold.  We also feel that many audiophiles have spent a lot of money on their CD players, which still sound great.  Although we’re big fans of DSD and vinyl, if your system is optimized for CD, that may prove to produce a better sound than either DSD or vinyl with your particular equipment.

With the resurgence of vinyl, we felt the next movement might be the resurgence of a well made CD.  We know we can provide a better product than what’s being sold today and increase the life of your CD playback system.  MQD Gold discs replicated correctly are also a great way to distribute your home recordings.  Our aim is to put value back into the music.

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