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Profile of a Jazz Musician

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Profile of a Jazz Musician

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Count Your Change

4:45 Paul Horn

Now Hear This

4:14 Paul Horn

Lazy Afternoon

2:53 Jerome Moross, John Latouche

What Now?

4:12 Paul Moer

Straight Ahead

5:44 Paul Horn

Fun Time

3:48 Paul Moer, Neal Hefti

Because We're Kids

3:32 Friedrich Hollaender, Ted Geisel


12:12 Paul Horn

Profile of a Jazz Musician | Paul Horn
by Harold Fethe

This profile covers Paul Horn from a lot of angles.

Tracks include up-tempo blues, exotic time signatures that challenge this energetic band, and soloing that sets a high bar and inspires the other soloists.

“Count Your Change” gets the album off to a brisk start with a 12-bar blues throw down that sets the pace.  This performance features inventive playing all around.

“Lazy Afternoon” opens with a bass riff that alternates from major to minor and builds to a modal intro. Bassist Vic Gaskin enunciates the varying tempos with skill and gives contrapuntal support to the changing moods of this lazy afternoon of the imagination.

“Fun Time” sets a brisk ¾ time signature under a jazz blues form with a strong melody. The band plays tightly together on the opening chorus and through the composition and the recording captures the instruments beautifully. Fun Time, indeed!

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Classic 60's Jazz