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The Sound of Paul Horn

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The Sound of Paul Horn

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Benny's Buns

3:03 Paul Horn

Without a Song

3:44 Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu, Vincent Youmans

Yazz Per Favore

4:35 Emil Richards

Mirage for Miles

11:59 Paul Horn

Short Politician

4:09 Paul Moer

My Funny Valentine

5:23 Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers

Blue on Blue

7:07 Paul Horn

Moer or Less

4:12 Paul Moer

The Sound of Paul Horn | Paul Horn
by Harold Fethe

This 1961 album includes some beautiful and demanding standards along with originals from Horn and the band.

“My Funny Valentine” and “Without a Song” both open Paul Horn playing flute on free introductions shared by bassist Jimmy Bond. Each ballad receives sensitive interpretations that showcase Horn’s versatility with this purest of wind instruments.

“Yazz Per Favore” (Jazz Please?) is a jazz waltz in blues form that breaks out with the keyboard instruments playing the propulsive melody. Vibraphonist Emil Richards takes the first solo before Horn enters, soloing with a modal approach.  This one moves!

This superbly preserved, high fidelity recording demonstrates the immediacy that stays with virtuoso performances regardless of when they were recorded.

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Classic 60's Jazz