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BLUE COAST PRIME - Now in Private Beta

BLUE COAST PRIME - One free album, 36 Songs and 30% Discount for One Full Year!



Our music lovers want more great music recorded in the pristine fashion you've come to expect from Blue Coast Records.  Live, dynamic, and passionate performances. You want every label to care and deliver the way Blue Coast Records does. BLUE COAST PRIME has that same goal.

What could be better than a 30% discount on every purchase for a year?

Included in PRIME each month, we'll deliver 3 new songs from your favorite Blue Coast Artists.  THESE SONGS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO BLUE COAST PRIME MEMBERS.

We've also made arrangements to record artists on other labels.  Jazz, classical, new age, pop -- new music recorded to DSD256 like never before.  For fans of Blue Coast, this is what you've been asking for... more great music recorded and mixed by the trusted crew at Blue Coast.  

Not just music, but insights, interviews and conversations to educate our music lovers to know more about what goes on behind the scenes.

Join now, save money and help us grow!


$100 Intro Pricing -- BLUE COAST PRIME -- An annual membership  -- you will receive:

  • A 30% discount on all downloads in the Blue Coast Music store for 365 days of delightful music!

  • One free album download at any resolution available (see list for album choices)

  • 36 Songs a Year - 3 unreleased songs per month for one year! (a value of more than $200 in DSD256 songs)

  • Behind the Scenes - production insights, artist interviews, and high resolution audio education

Newport Sampler

Blue Coast Prime + One Free Album Download

Purchase BLUE COAST PRIME membership now while the Intro pricing is in effect!

Choose any album from THIS LIST 

After purchasing BLUE COAST PRIME you will receive an email with your coupon code for discounts.  We'll ask you to choose your album and format (upto DSD256 if available).  Or you can wait and get an upcoming album. 

If you're a DSD256 buyer, BLUE COAST PRIME is a savings of more than $250 in high resolution music purchases.

Other formats are available in DSD, WAV and FLAC to suit your listening system.

$100 Intro Pricing -- Regular Price $120.

If You've Joined BLUE COAST PRIME Read this for updates!

Thank you for joining BLUE COAST PRIME! While we're still in the early stages of development, we'd like you to fill out this form so we can deliver the album you've chosen in the format you prefer.


We've sent out emails to all new subscribers to get in touch with us with this information.  If you haven't seen the email, check your spam or send us an email.

Filling out the form means we can get your new downloads to you faster!  We need your format choices and (in some cases) the album choice.

We're working hard to update our website to better automate this process. Until then, filling out the form is the next best thing.

Thank you!

Fiona Joy - Story of Ghosts

Blue Coast Prime + Fiona Joy's Story of Ghosts

Enjoy BLUE COAST PRIME with Fiona Joy's third album on Blue Coast Records - Story of Ghosts. Fiona Joy's 3rd album for Blue Coast Records is now available in DSD 256 and 7 other formats. Possibly her finest album to date. If you're a fan of Fiona Joy (and we are!) you'll want this in your collection. Recorded on the 1885 Steinway you've come to love at Blue Coast Studios, on this album you'll hear the preciseness of detail and dynamic range while Fiona explores new dimensions of her composition. She takes her skills to another level of wonderful.

$100 Intro Pricing -- Regular Price $120.
Blue Coast Prime Logo

Blue Coast Prime + Blue Coast Collection 3

Blue Coast Records has been working Collection 3 of favorite songs by artists you love. The Collection 1 and 2 are the most popular albums sold on Blue Coast Music. We believe Collection 3 reaches new heights in performance and delightfulness.

You can pre-order this album by joining BLUE COAST PRIME by clicking the "Add to cart" button here. We expect the album to be available in March 2018. The album will be delivered to your account if you purchase this option of BLUE COAST PRIME.

$100 Intro Pricing -- Regular Price $120.

Want to know more about BLUE COAST PRIME?


Write to us at: and put BLUE COAST PRIME in the subject. 

We'll get back to you to answer your questions.