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PRIME Episode 3

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PRIME Episode 3

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Rocky Road

4:29 Nancy Cassidy

Angel Dream

3:22 Kim Baker

Golden Eyes

3:53 Hannah Kacmarsky

PRIME installment number 3 gives us three new exclusive performances from three extraordinary women all with different perspectives on life. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Cookie Marenco, in DSD256, the three titles share a cohesiveness that tell a story throughout. Nancy Cassidy opens with Rocky Road, an intimate folk song outlining a lonesome road. Kim Baker gives an emotional version of Tom Petty's Angel Dreams. Unrestricted, Kim moves freely over the piano with an entrancing voice. Episode 3 ends with a light-hearted song from Hannah Kacmarsky. Golden Eyes is a playful love song combining a lovely vocal and a ukulele.

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female singer songwriters