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Jadoo Particles - Continuum Ten

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Jadoo Particles - Continuum Ten

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Continuum Ten

51:37 Cookie Marenco, Brain

Jadoo Particles is a dark, rich and slow moving ambient piece that takes one on a journey of sensations. "Jadoo" is a Hindi word that suggests magic or the power of casting enchantments.

Brain (Bryan Mantia) and BluCube (Cookie Marenco) in the studio combining natural and electronic sounds featuring low tones and influences from Eastern Europe.

Ambient calming sounds meant to enhance sleep, relaxation, meditation or dreaming as the music takes you on an hour long adventure. Inspired by Brian Eno's work and the many that followed.

Qua Continuum is a band consisting of Brain (Bryan) Mantia and Cookie Marenco. The word Qua means "as being". Continuum means "a coherent whole characterized as a progression of elements varying by minute degrees". Together Qua Continuum describes the music "as being a coherent whole characterized as a progression of elements varying by minute degrees"--- an accurate description of this slow motion sonic exploration.

Brain is most known for his drumming with notable bands like Guns N Roses and Primus or with artists like Buckethead and Tom Waits. More recently, he's known for his soundtrack work in film and for contributions to Sony's game music.

Cookie is the founder of Blue Coast Music and producer of more than 500 albums over the last 25 years. Here she combines her musical history and sense of composition as a performer.

Mood Description:
Outer ambience
Bryan Mantia, Cookie Marenco