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Dreams and Lullabies

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Dreams and Lullabies

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5:21 Wendy Tahara


5:08 Wendy Tahara

Snow Moon

3:05 Wendy Tahara

Fairie Song

3:10 Wendy Tahara

Celestial Lullaby

4:50 Wendy Tahara

Contemplative Meditation

7:56 Wendy Tahara

The sound of a soothing harp combined with unusual world instruments are performed by thoughtful musicians with a background in healing music. Recorded in a live performance at Blue Coast Studios by Cookie Marenco using the E.S.E. technique direct to DSD256.

From Wendy Tahara ..

Savasana Sound presents an ethereal, feminine, and watery album influenced by fairies, water sprites, nature, and the night sky in a recording titled, Dreams and Lullabies. Celtic harp is accompanied by various sound healing instruments alongside traditional and non-traditional Asian instruments tuned to A444, a frequency known to be in alignment with the molecular structure of water. As the human body is composed of up to 60% water (babies and children have an even higher percentage), this recording is effective in helping to create a calm, restful space for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies of both children and adults. To enjoy, please find a quiet space to lie down on the ground with a blanket, close your eyes, and listen with good quality speakers or headphones. Coming soon is our second album Savasana Sound Soundbath. These two albums are meant to be played together for the full experience.

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