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Behind The Veil

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Behind The Veil

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Walls That Move

5:28 Spencer Brewer

Where We Used to Play

3:32 Spencer Brewer

Remember When

3:07 Spencer Brewer


4:20 George Gershwin


3:13 Spencer Brewer

Behind The Veil

4:39 Spencer Brewer

Legend of Rene Anguiano

4:07 Spencer Brewer

Together We Make One

3:02 Spencer Brewer

Myths and Legends

5:20 Spencer Brewer


4:36 Spencer Brewer

And So it Goes…

3:09 Spencer Brewer

Parasols in Paris

3:27 Spencer Brewer

If you’re a fan of instrumental, soundtrack or new age music, you might remember Spencer Brewer from his decades of touring and releasing numerous albums on Narada Records. Behind The Veil is the highly anticipated piano driven album that ends the 15 year hiatus.

Tracks feature Spencer’s impressionistic compositions performed on piano with highlights using his synthesizer and the addition of string quartet arrangements, English Horn and soprano sax on several songs.

Spencer contacted Cookie Marenco about mixing these treasured pieces to DSD256 to preserve and enhance these tracks that were originally recorded in his private studio. The crew at OTR Studios was delighted to participate.

For new age music enthusiasts whose early passion for the genre was steeped in the beautiful inspiring fusion of acoustic and ensemble music of the groundbreaking 80’s-90’s Narada label, the return of pianist/synthesist Spencer Brewer after a nearly 15-year recording hiatus with his highly anticipated, soulfully melodic and piano driven album ‘Behind The Veil’ feels like a warm and intimate, yet dynamic and sonically adventurous visit from a dear friend.

Spencer Brewer has gifted a fabulous album to enthrall his fans waiting to discover him. The gusto that is seen pumped into this production is something marvelous and seems addictive in how the album charges the listener’s musical sensibilities. ‘Behind The Veil’ is all set in its own merit to create an indelible mark as the artist’s best album ever. Start to finish, the 2023 release of ‘Behind The Veil’ is a welcome return from one of the most important artists from the dawn of the modern-day instrumental New Age music scene.

‘Behind The Veil’ by Spencer Brewer is a compilation of experience, artistic endeavor and utter class all rolled into one very beautiful album. ‘Behind The Veil’ is an album that will find its way to the top shelf marked masterful, and will liveforever more in the hearts of the most discerning of listeners, as being one of the most idyllic and lyrical manifestations of music they have ever enjoyed.