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Love is Absolutely Free

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Love is Absolutely Free

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

The Way You Move Your Body (Long Version)

6:50 Suzie Daines, Keith Greeninger

Lift Me Up

5:53 Linda Perry

One More Day

4:43 Suzie Daines, Keith Greeninger, Mitch Linville

I Give In

3:47 Suzie Daines, Kimberlee Leber

America's Closed

4:40 Suzie Daines, Kimberlee Leber, Keith Greeninger

Happily Ever After

5:18 Suzie Daines, Kimberlee Leber, Keith Greeninger


5:53 Suzie Daines

Love is Absolutely Free

4:28 Suzie Daines, Keith Greeninger


5:21 Suzie Daines, Kimberlee Leber, Keith Greeninger

Choose Peace

5:17 Suzie Daines, Steve Conway, Keith Greeninger

The Way You Move Your Body

4:30 Suzie Daines, Keith Greeninger

This album finds the soaring voice of Suzie Daines in the company of tasteful arrangements, performed skillfully on brass, strings, piano, organ, winds and percussion.  

“Lift Me Up” opens with a blend of voices, brass, and tasteful percussion that set the stage for Suzie’s entrance. The outreach in the song is palpable and the energy arc fits perfectly with the feeling of uplift. I’ll rest tomorrow.

“Love is Absolutely Free,” the title song for the album, is a wry confrontation with a troubled relationship. Set in ¾ time, it moves along with energy and determination.

“Unsinkable” revisits the Titanic story. An acoustic trio featuring a beautiful arco cello line provides the pulse, momentum and drama for this retelling through Suzie’s impassioned singing.

Throughout Love Is Absolutely Free, you hear a singer who provides just the right interpretation, pace and energy for each song and arrangement. Nothing is wasted and everything belongs together.

Eleven musicians performed with Suzie. Performances were recorded to 2” tape that was then mixed to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format.

Suzie Daines — lead vocals
Keith Greeninger — vocals, acoustic guitar, mandola, electric guitar, shaker
Paul Olguin — bass
Ronny Crawford — drums
John R. Burr — piano, electric piano
Dayan Kai — B3 organ, piano, flute, clarinet, mandolin, nylon string guitar, percussion, Rhodes, trumpet
Tami Brown — background vocals
Mitch Linville — vocals
Barry Phillips — cello
Tamika Elliot — background vocals
Cordell Bush — background vocals
Patrick O'Connor — electric guitar