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Singin' Our Highway Song (Do Do Do)


Love Don't Lie


Be A Child Again


The Devil I Know


These first four songs are a preview of the upcoming album. A little history on each:

Singin' Our Highway Song, (Do do do): That feeling when you're young and free, out on the road, with the love of your life. Not a care in the world, and the big, bad world of adulthood is a million miles away. A co-write with my partner, Denny Francis, the rising young artist known as Wildee, (Rachael Stark Fusaro - check her out - she's going places!), and the SoCal producer, Jason Brawner

Love Don't Lie: You've been in love, but perhaps you loved them more than they loved you. We have all been there. Now someone comes along who is offering their heart to you, but you're afraid of the pain of another rejection. Ultimately, you throw your fate to the wind, and go for it.

Be A Child Again: When my mom was going through Alzheimer's, she became more child-like as time went on. It was heartbreaking for all in our family, but beautiful in some ways, also. A co-write with Denny Francis and Ann Cummings

The Devil I Know: Something kinda sassy and fun. Hey - I'm not a total prude!!!