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The Valence Project

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The Valence Project

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The Hourglass of Time

7:47 Brain, Deborah Charles, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco

Number One

5:15 Brain, Kai Eckhardt, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco

If We Get It (We Know We're Gettin' Good)

5:45 Brain, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco, Melissa Reese

Free Form

5:47 Brain, Deborah Charles, Kai Eckhardt, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco

G'Nib G'Nub

5:44 Brain, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco, Emily Palen

In This Life

5:41 Brain, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco, Melissa Reese

Afrobeat 144

6:12 Brain, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco, Baron Shul

Future People

4:30 Brain, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco, Melissa Reese

No Way

4:30 Brain, Gregory James, Cookie Marenco, Melissa Reese

Who Do You Love?

5:34 Ellas McDaniel
The Valence Project is a journey into the deep, expansive realm of electronica. But to simply label it electronica would be to undermine the impressive range of sounds and styles explored in this album. Expect to be surprised. Expect to hear new sounds. Expect to hear familiar styles in new contexts, juxtaposed with each other or blended in unfamiliar ways. There will be sneaky funky beats, avant garde spoken word pieces, soulful R&B blended with electronica, breakbeats colliding with rock, jazz, and experimental elements. To put this album on is to enter a hazy dream, to get lost in worlds you have never experienced before. To listen to this album is to be open to the universe and all it has to offer. To listen close is to challenge yourself and grow. So buckle up; there’s going to be some turbulence on this ride. Opening track “Who Do You Love” is a sneaky, sultry, incredibly fresh take on an old classic. Spoken word is performed over a hazy drum machine beat while an electric guitar wails in the background. It feels restrained, struggling to let itself free. “Afrobeat 144” is a funky, breezy blending of bossa nova elements like flutes, strings, and easy guitar strumming with electronica drum beats. A perfect space of rest and relaxation amidst this long journey. “In This Life” is a silky smooth R&B slow jam placed in a modern context. The beat moves achingly slow making the song feel endless in its bliss. The funky bass line under smooth, subtle electric keyboard work ties the groove all together. “G’Nib G’Nub” is breakbeat madness over vocals and electric guitars that wail. The beat is relentless in its groove. Soon violins join in, adding to the cacophony of sound. Yet, while it might feel a bit chaotic, everything aligns in order, in the groove.