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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Ashokan Farewell

3:32 Jay Ungar

Interlude #5

0:39 Tim Gorman


3:17 Tim Gorman

Interlude #6

0:29 Tim Gorman

Last Date

4:11 Jay Ungar

Interlude #7

0:35 Tim Gorman

Don't Steer Me Wrong

3:30 Tim Gorman

Interlude #8

0:53 Tim Gorman

Free Rangin'

3:04 Tim Gorman

Interlude #9

0:48 Tim Gorman

Wagon Wheel

3:16 Tim Gorman

Interlude #1

1:33 Tim Gorman

Interlude #10

0:32 Tim Gorman

Goodbye Bluejean

4:13 Tim Gorman

Interlude #11

1:30 Tim Gorman

Sweet Baby James

6:18 James Taylor

Portrait of Jenny

3:05 Tim Gorman

Home on the Range

4:44 Traditional

Scotland to California

3:49 Tim Gorman

Interlude #2

0:30 Tim Gorman

Streets of Laredo

5:48 Traditional

Interlude #3

0:58 Tim Gorman

Tuffy's Diddley

2:57 Tim Gorman

Interlude #4

0:43 Tim Gorman

My Texas

4:18 Tim Gorman

Tim Gorman reached level of pianistic excellence early in his career becoming a sought after session player and toured with The Who, Jefferson Starship and many other artists you'll recognize. "Cowboy" is Tim's solo piano album with occassional additions of acoustic guitar played by Kirk Casey. On this album Tim shows his love of melody, folk and Americana music while demonstrating his beautiful touch of the piano. All but 5 of the 25 track album are Tim's own compositions. If you love music from Ken Burns documentaries, this is the album for you. Remastered to DSD256 using the SEA process by Cookie Marenco and Patrick O'Connor.

About Tim
While working as a composer and studio musician in the Northwest, Tim’s sound caught the ear of renowned British record producer Glyn Johns who gave Tim his first production and record contract. Glyn’s production company introduced Tim to British session life, which allowed him to work with such artists as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Lazy Racer, Local Boys, Tim Renwick, and Sir Elton John.

Playing keyboards on The Who’s 10th studio album, “It’s Hard”, Tim arranged the introduction to “Eminence Front” that has been used as background music in countless advertisements and sound tracks. On their tour, “The Who Across America” Tim is featured on the live album “Who’s Last”. It was at the Shea Stadium gig that Tim was awarded the first two of his RIAA Certified Gold Records.

With his unique musical background, Tim has traveled the world to record at many of the most famous and exotic studios extending his musical wingspan to record and perform with such diverse talents as: new age sax player Steve Douglas, jazz keyboardist Tom Coster, guitar giant Duane Eddy, Celtic fiddler Alasdair Fraser, R&B vocal legends The Spinners, psychedelic overlords the Jefferson Airplane, and the trailblazing Hellecasters. Other tours: Paul Kantner and the KBC Band, Jefferson Starship Reunion, and Wooden Ships.

Tim worked on James Cameron’s “Titanic” under the direction of composer James Horner. Other credits include: “China’s Living Treasures for PBS”, “California High Speed Rail” for the State of California, “No Small Affair” for Columbia Pictures, “Maxi”, PM/Magazine Theme Song, “The Who Across America/ MTV Satellite Special, “NBC Sports Football Theme Song”, “ABC Wide World of Sports”, “The Higher and Wilder Series”, “Night Gallery”, “Thirty Years of Maximum R&B”, and Mutato Muzika’s restoration project for the entire Popeye cartoon series for the Turner network.

From Wikipedia....
Gorman graduated in 1974 and went on to work as a session musician, most notably from the 1980s until the present. His work along the way included collaborations with Duane Eddy, Paul Kantner, the Rolling Stones and the Who,[1] and Jefferson Starship.[2]

Gorman took part in the recording of the Who's album It's Hard and the subsequent tour in 1982.[3]

In 1984, he was the keyboardist in The V.U. (sometimes called The View) Phoenix Rising album together with Kevin Chalfant (vocals), Ross Valory (bass guitar), Prairie Prince (drums) and Steff Burns (guitars), all of them musicians whose complete list of acts in which they were involved needed another specific page. Valory and Chalfant later joined again in The Storm which included other former Journey members plus Josh Ramos, a guest guitarist in the V.U. album. Phoenix Rising songs are dated 1984 but the album never saw the light till it was rescued and published by Frontiers in 2000.

His work with Paul Kantner goes back to the KBC Band during 1985 to 1987. He then took part in the Jefferson Airplane reunion in 1989. Gorman was one of several keyboardists on the reunion album and played live with the Airplane in the supporting tour. He was then a member of Kantner's band Wooden Ships, along with guitarist Mark "Slick" Aguilar in 1991 and 1992. Wooden Ships was joined on some of its later gigs by singer Darby Gould (formerly of World Entertainment War) and Airplane/Hot Tuna bassist Jack Casady.

This soon became the core line-up for the new incarnation of Jefferson Starship with the addition of drummer Prairie Prince and fiddler Papa John Creach, later rejoined by former Airplane co-founder Marty Balin. Gorman stayed with Jefferson Starship as a permanent member until 1995, appearing on the live album Deep Space / Virgin Sky and playing on two tracks for the studio album Windows of Heaven. He has teamed again with them occasionally on some of the Galactic Family Reunion concerts in 2006.[4]