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Valerie Joyce - Invitation - Cover


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# Play Song Title Duration Composer


6:15 Bronislau Kaper, Paul Francis Webster

Ana Maria

5:15 Wayne Shorter

Day by Day


Day Dream

3:33 Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, John La Touche

And I Love Him

4:15 Paul McCartney, John Lennon

The Lamp Is Low

4:49 Peter DeRose, Bert Shefter

Circle Dancing

4:37 Jerome Gray


5:26 Michael Wolff, Valerie Joyce, Milo Petersen

A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing

3:04 Billy Strayhorn


4:00 Michael Wolff, Valerie Joyce, Milo Petersen

A Seattle-based musician, born in Japan but with deep roots in the art of American jazz, Valerie Joyce is an exceptionally talented vocalist commanding a very distinctive style. Airy yet full, rich and expressive, Valerie’s voice is immediately arresting and wonderfully idiosyncratic. Her catalogue stretches back to the debut “Reverie” in 2002, and most fans know of her fine recordings over the years with influential audiophile label Chesky Records. Under Blue Coast Records, Valerie and Cookie have recorded two acclaimed Special Event albums, and now comes Valerie's latest addition: Invitation.

Aptly named, this record is just that—-an invitation to explore Valerie’s unique voice and emotion through a collection of evocative jazz compositions. She guides us easily through busy latin-infused grooves, delicate and somber ballads, and refreshing standards. One of Valerie’s most impressive performances with Blue Coast to date has been her take on Ellington’s classic “Day Dream”, recorded in 2012 for Special Event 25 (link is external). This new release features a fresh piano arrangement of the standard, as well as many other expositions of Valerie’s unique timbre.

Pulled from Valerie's archives and newly digitized to DSD256 from 1/2" analog tape masters, the previously-unreleased Invitation was produced and arranged by Michael Wolff, well-known as the former musical director of The Arsenio Hall Show.

Songwriters and Publishers:
Invitation: Lyrics: Paul Francis Webster Music: Bronislau Kaper MGM/EMI Feist Catalog, Inc. Publisher CPP/Belwin, INC., Miami FL
Day by Day: Lyrics & Music: Paul Weston/Sammy Cahn/Axel Stordahl Sony/ATV/Harmony
Day Dream: Lyrics by John Latouche Music by Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn EMI Robbins Catalog INC
And I Love Him: Lyrics & Music: John Lennon & Paul McCartney EMI Blackwood Music INC.ATV Muisc Corp (Maclen Music)
The Lamp Is Low: Lyrics :Mitchell Parish, Music:Peter De Rose, Bert Shefter. Music adapted from Pavane pour une infante défunte, a piece by Maurice Ravel. Publisher Robbins Music Corporation
Circle Dancing: Music & Lyrics by Jerome Gray
Bengal: Music by Michael Wolff
A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing: Music and lyrics by Billy Strayhorn. Cherry Lane Music Co. Inc.
Thanatos: Music by Michael Wolff
Ana Maria: Music by Wayne Shorter Music Publisher Iska Music