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San Francisco Songbook Sessions Volume One

Valerie Joyce - San Francisco Songbook Sessions Volume One - Cover

San Francisco Songbook Sessions Volume One

(formerly Special Event 25)
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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

All Of You

4:39 Cole Porter

My Shining Hour

4:40 Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer

I'll Remember April

4:50 Don Raye, Gene De Paul, Pat Johnston


3:26 Jerome Gray, Christopher Cable

If I Should Lose You

3:19 Leo Robin, Ralph Rainger

East Of The Sun

3:39 Brooks Bowman

And I Love Him

4:22 John Lennon, Paul McCartney


3:30 Antonio Carlos Jobim

Blue Skies

3:22 Irving Berlin

A Time For Love

3:48 Johnny Mandel, Paul Webster

Day Dream

3:41 Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, John Latouche

Our friend Yuki Sugiura first introduced us to Valerie in 2012 and we are very grateful he did! Below you can read Yuki's latest review of the Valerie's recordings. Valerie and Marco's recordings have been used for many Sony AR-1 speaker demos.

From Yuki in 2014 about the latest Valerie Joyce and Marco De Carvalho's recordings:

"I'm so glad that this unique project, which began in 2012 after the California Audio Show at Cookie’s studio in Belmont, is continuing. However this year, the recording took place on two consecutive days.

The first day we recorded live during the 2013 California Audio Show, in the Blue Coast Records demo room; while the second recording took place the following day at Cookie’s studio. I was fortunate to be able to attend both of these sessions.

Although the opportunity to experience Valerie and Marco recording was similar to last year, they seemed to be much more relaxed this time around.

Typically artists are quite sensitive about details and they tend to stress about every nuance in the recording process. It's little details like this that matter most to the audience when they listen to live music.

In Cookie’s world, it's this listening experience that matters most. In fact, she often acknowledges the creative tension that exists between the recording engineer and the performers. Yet somehow, Cookie always manages to persuade an artist to collaborate with her on this.

As a result, both of these recording sessions captured all of the emotion and passion that Valerie and Marco provided. Equally important, these recordings were infused with Cookie’s passion as well.

Please enjoy!"

- Motoyuki Sugiura 2014
Sony Home Division, Senior Acoustic Evangelist

Songwriters and Publishers:
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A Time For Love: Music by Johnny Mandel Lyric by Paul Webster. 1966 Warner Bros Inc.
Blue Skies: Words & Music by Irving Berlin Copyright 1927 Irving Berlin
Triste: Words & Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim Published by Corcovado Music Group
And I Love Him: Words & Music by John Lennon & Paul MCCartney EMI Blackwood Music INC
East Of The Sun: Music & Lyrics by Brooks Bowman Joy Music INC.
If I Should Lose You: Music by Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger Copyright Sony/ATV Harmony
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My Shining Hour: Music by Harold Arlen, Lyric by Johnny Mercer Copyright 1987 Harwin Music Co.
All Of You : Words & Music by Cole Porter Publisher Chappell & Co.
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